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Ideology of BJP divides Manipur, wants to be controlled from Nagpur: Jairam Ramesh

Jairam Ramesh in Manipur

Congress leader and AICC observer (Manipur) Jairam Ramesh landed in Imphal on Friday for a five-day visit.

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With just months away from the 2022 Manipur Assembly elections, many central leaders of national parties are thronging to the state to oversee the preparation of their parties.

Congress leader and AICC observer (Manipur) Jairam Ramesh landed in Imphal on Friday. He exuded confidence that the Congress will come to power in Manipur next year.

He asserted that the ideology of the Congress unites and protects Manipur, while the ideology of BJP only divides and wants Manipur to be controlled from Nagpur.

He reiterated, “The BJP wants to control — what you eat, whom you pray to, what book you read, how you dress. All this will not be determined in Manipur, but will be determined in Nagpur”. He added that only the Congress party can protect Manipuri society and culture.

The BJP government is so-called ‘double-engine’ without any railway track, and their development is completely bogus.

The Congress leader was warmly welcomed by MPCC working president I Hemochandra, MPCC general secretary Amin Shah, MPCC general secretary Aamir Hussain, state coordinator social media department  Malemkhomba Salam and other members of Seva Dal.

MP Jairam Ramesh later attended a meeting at Uchiwa Kabui Khul. Senior Congress leader Dr Ratankumar also attended the meeting. Jairam Ramesh will stay in Manipur for five days. 

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