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DM College of Science buildings crumbling, putting lives at risk

DM University, Imphal

Concerned authorities had looked into the state of the infrastructure of the college on two occasions in the past. But no concrete actions were followed, alleged the sources.

By Naorem Tanoranjan

To say that some buildings of Dhanamanjuri University (DMU) are in a sorry state of affairs would be an understatement. In fact, the lives of students and officials of the university are in danger because of these dilapidated structures.

Dhanamanjuri College of Science (DMCS) under the DMU is one of the prestigious institutes of the state. It is one of the most sought after colleges by students after clearing the Class XII exams.

Unfortunately the infrastructure of the college has not been up-to-date, to say the least. Buildings, classrooms, and practical rooms of different departments of the college have been in deplorable conditions. As a result, a portion of the building housing the Department of Electronics of DMCS collapsed around 3:30 am on Monday.

Cracks had appeared for quite some time in the structure that collapsed on Monday. The remaining structures might also collapse as cracks have existed, if it is not looked into immediately.

On Sunday, a wall bordering the main road and the college also collapsed. As cracks have appeared in other walls of other departments, there is a possibility that it might also collapse anytime.

Dhanamanjuri College of Science Students’ Union general secretary Salam Rohen told TFM that the structures of the college were constructed long ago. And due to its old age, it has become deplorable day by day. The recent earthquake had worsened the condition. Cracks have appeared in structures of departments including Chemistry, Mathematics, Anthropology, Zoology, etc, he added.

He further said that even before the pandemic, the students and teachers were worried that the structures might collapse at any moment. Monday’s incident could have caused injury had it occurred during normal times, he added and urged the concerned authorities and state government not to remain silent.

According to sources, concerned authorities had looked into the state of the infrastructure of the college on two occasions in the past. But no concrete actions were followed.

Some teachers and students of the college also expressed that concerned authorities should look into the matter and take actions during the pandemic, when there are no classes going on in the college.

Meanwhile, the education minister sent some representatives and took stock of the situation. They also visited the site of the damaged structure on Monday. 

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