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Dimapur Naga Student’s Union finds ‘imbalanced practices’ in govt schools, DEO office


DNSU stated that some schools have excess teachers being appointed unnecessarily resulting in an “imbalanced teachers-students ratio” and  some primary and middle schools were not at all students or children friendly with very poor infrastructures

By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Correspondent

Dimapur Naga Student’s Union (DNSU) while conducting series of surprise inspection in all government schools under Dimapur district has found innumerable “unfair and imbalanced practices” prevailing in schools and the District Education Office (DEO), Dimapur.

DNSU in a press release issued jointly by its president, Moayanger Jamir, and general secretary, Sedelo T Vadeo, stated that it was not shocking but was disappointed to find many government schools still practicing the tradition of substitute teachers where most schools have very low teachers’ attendance.

The student organisation also stated that some schools have excess teachers being appointed unnecessarily resulting in an “imbalanced teachers-students ratio” while also adding that some primary and middle schools were not at all students or children friendly with very poor infrastructure which often leads to even floods during rainy season, lack of needed school equipment, no teaching-learning aids, and a total failure of implementation of schemes and projects for the welfare of the students which are all utterly disappointing.

With regard to PM-POSHAN (mid-day meal scheme), DNSU said that it was well aware that the said scheme was enforced to provide better nutritional levels to all the students of government schools, government aided schools/local body schools in all working days, however, it was alerting to learn that the said scheme was not executing according to the requirements of the scheme.

In the meantime, it was reported that the officials/staff from the DEO office deducts the amount from the schools in every quarterly disbursement of the Mid-Day meal which the DNSU found it to be “unreasoned, irrational and inappropriate” on the part of the concerned office. “The educational career of uncountable children and students is at risk of such malpractices, it is a serious alarm that cannot be ignored and left unattended”, DNSU added.

Adding to the dismay, the student’s union found out that dispatching of uniforms for the students in these government schools are yet to be executed for the year 2022and that the previous year’s uniforms dispatched were all poor quality material and the sizes were small to “fit only babies.” Also stating that the union is utterly disappointed, saddened, and disillusioned that the government has failed to sincerely expedite the development process under Dimapur district and overlooked the issue despite the urgency and availability of funds, DNSU said that the concerned department was getting filtered and more responsible over the current years, the more it find that there are still too
many issues unattended for the welfare of the students in Dimapur district and it was only getting worst.

DNSU also said that it is also concerned that all these schools need school counsellors and special needs educators for their students and the special needs children respectively. “How long will the student’s community suffer the consequences of the incompetence of the department of school education in Dimapur district? Why are the government officials and heads of offices in the concerned department playing safe with their blame games instead of executing their duties and responsibilities towards the schools?”, question DNSU.

DNSU said that it cannot just turn a “blind eye” to such appalling matters and distresses faced by the schools across the district and therefore appealed to the concerned department and the government of the day to stop being “self-centered and ignorant” but to allow and provide the most deserved requirements to the schools and sincerely work towards uplifting the students and start implementing the children-friendly infrastructures and create the student-friendly environment in all the government schools in the district.
The student body further reminded the headmasters/teacher-in charges of all the schools to maintain proper records of teacher’s attendance and take responsibility accordingly. Failing to adhere to this appeal of the union by the concerned schools, the department of school
education and Nagaland government, it would not be ignored by the union and would confront its appeal until it is met, maintained DNSU.

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