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DESAM busts blood bank racket in RIMS


The student body said that the team of eight including four staff of RIMS collected at least Rs 4500 per unit of blood. 

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Democratic Students Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) on Wednesday said that it has busted an illegal blood bank racket that includes four staff members of the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Imphal. 

DESAM, in a release, said that it has been investigating the reason for the shortages of blood in the state despite efforts by different organisations donating several units of blood to the Blood bank in the hospitals. 

As a part of the investigation, the student body said that it busted a racket operating from RIMS. Eight persons including two technicians and two attendants working in the Blood bank of RIMS have been identified, it said. 

DESAM informed that the “agents” collected Rs 4500 minimum from the patient party for a unit of blood. These agents promised gullible patient-parties that the blood taken from the blood bank would be replaced. However, instead of replacing, they divided the money amongst themselves (Rs 1500 for the agent and Rs 3000 for the staff, per unit). 

DESAM demanded the authority to take stringent action against the racketeers. Further investigation into the matter will be continued and the student boy urged the people to stay away from such people. DESAM requested all to report such kind of operations to its members.

The release also mentioned that in view of the prevailing COVID-19 situations, DESAM had donated more than 500 units of blood under its mega blood donation camp called “Maheiroi khunai amadi leibak meeyamgidamak kathoklaba ee”. 

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