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CorCom boycotts Independence day, calls total shutdown


Exceptions have been made for essential services like medical, electricity, water supply, fire services, press, and religious activities. 

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As in previous years, the proscribed umbrella group of Manipur insurgent outfits, Coordinating Committee (CorCom) has boycotted the Indian Independence Day and called for a total shutdown on August 15 from 1 am to 6:30 pm. Exceptions have been made for essential services like medical, electricity, water supply, fire services, press, and religious activities. 

As India celebrates 74 years of independence being “handed” over by the British, many unresolved insurgencies continue to plague several parts of the country as India was formed “forcefully”, stated a release by CorCom. 

The British realign and carve out an administrative unit that fit their motive to loot the land. As part of their colonial game, many independent lands were reorganised leading to its devastation. And after independence, the Indian leaders continue their political game and as a result, amny endless insurgencies continue in pockets of the country, it contended. 

CorCom also maintained that India continued to use laws which were made to benefit the British. The Indian Police Force was established to be utilised by the British in whatever way they wanted. They were made to wear the colour of ‘Khakee’ — derived from the ‘Khaak’ (ashes). The Indian Police Act, 1861 was enacted to make sure that instances like the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 did not repeat. The ‘independent’ India still uses the police Act to torment the masses and its atrocities persist today, it added. 

The proscribed outfit also recalled how the Indian government enacted the Salt Cess Act, 1953 in spite of the fact that Mahatma Gandhi took out the Salt Satyagraha/March against the salt tax. It also delved into how the sedition law was based on the Treason Act, 1795 of the British and India continue to use it so that no one can say anything against the government. The outfit also pointed out that the Dramatic Performance Act, 1876 is in place in all the states and UTs, except in Delhi and West Bengal. 

CorCom also asserted that India has become a land “ruled by law”, instead of “rule of law” leading to a “dictatorial India”. There are boundary disputes in at least nine states and people have died due to such disputes, it added. 

The outfit also warned that such contentious Indian administration has led to boundary disputes amongst different communities, districts, etc in Manipur. Recalling that Manipur was a constitutional monarchy having its own constitution and an assembly before India had its constitution, the outfit said that some vested interest individuals are trying to rewrite history. 

Eminent historians agreed that Meitei/Meetei was formed by hill tribes who came down to the valley long ago. After infighting and quarrels for many years, Manipur emerged as an independent kingdom and was recognised by other kingdoms of Southeast Asia, it added. 

“India wishes for all of us to forget this history and fight amongst ourselves for land,” it asserted. 

“Independence means making our own destiny. Instead of depending on another strong nation or community, only when we use our own ideas and strength, the way to regain independence will come up,” CorCom said. 

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