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Absurd interpretation of ‘Framework Agreement’ shoved down on Nagas, says NNPGs working group

FILE PHOTO: N Kitovi Zhimomi

NNPGs said that the difference between Framework Agreement and Agreed Position is that one is a non-inclusive secret document without a political or administrative blueprint while the other is a transparent, practical roadmap prepared in consultation with the Naga people.

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The Working Committee of the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) has claimed that it had challenged the government of India during the process of negotiations and “concluded” the political talks.

In a statement issued by its media cell, WC-NNPGs said recalled that on the evening of August 3, 2015, when the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shook Th Muivah’s hand under the media glare and welcomed him and his group into the “National Mainstream”, the Prime Minister’s brief address in Hindi laid bare what the “Framework Agreement” was all about.

WC-NNPGs asked all to replay the recorded ceremony and analyse it a hundred times “but that evening, in the melee of a sudden exclusive and political wedding between Gol and IM, with “happydent” smiles all around for the camera, the value of Naga Sovereignty, Integration, Flag and Constitution were pulled down to the ground trampled both in speech and action.”

The NNPGs statement pointed out that there was “no protest during or after the function” and as days turned into weeks, months and years, “absurd interpretation of FA is being shoved down the throat of Nagas but there is just one truth. The people have seen and heard enough”.

Difference between Framework Agreement and Agreed Position

The statement also asserted that between WC, NNPGs and Government of India “there is no space to either fool or be fooled now or in the future. The Naga tribes, Customary institutions, the church and apex Civil societies have all prayed for and endorsed the 17th Nov. 2017 Agreed Position. The Tribe and Civil Society leaders intellectually assisted over fifty rounds of political negotiations. Naga neighbours like the Ahoms, the Meiteis, the Kukis and tribal leaders in Arunachal Pradesh have been reached out and consulted”.

The negotiated Status Paper is not an achievement of WC-NNPGs but a common property of Naga tribes, said NNPGs. “Therein lay the difference between FA and Agreed Position. One is a non-inclusive secret document without a political or administrative blueprint. The other is a transparent, practical roadmap prepared in consultation with the Naga people and for the Naga people. The endorsement of all sections of Nagas assured, the official announcement from the Gol to begin an enduring peaceful co-existence is now the uncompromising demand of the Naga people”, said WC-NNPGs.

WC-NNPGs also took a dig at Naga leaders who claim “to dearly love the Lord Jesus Christ outwardly but their sole purpose of existence on this earth appear to be to condemn and malign SC Jamir, RN Ravi, WC convener N Kitovi Zhimomi and other Naga leaders, till their last breath”.

“It is time to introspect and look deep within. Amid the chaos, may Merciful God guide the Naga leaders to a higher level of understanding where common journey and shared future prevail”, said the statement released by media cell of WC-NNPGs.

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