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6th Annual Red Carpet cum Premiere of “I Hanung Haoga”


The 6th annual red carpet cum premiere of Meiphung Productions, Tangkhul feauture film, based on true story “I Hanung Haoga” was held on Friday at Town Hall, Ukhrul.

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

Khashim Vashum, Minister of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry and Transport, Government of Manipur attended the 6th annual red carpet cum premiere of Tangkhul feature film “I Hanung Haoga” at Town Hall, Ukhrul on Friday as Chief Guest. K. Timothy Zimik, (Retd. IRS) Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Minister of Finance, Government of India was the guest of honour.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Khashim Vashum lauded the Meiphung Productions for the initiative. “Film production house of Tangkhul greatly needs investors or sponsors to take to a higher level. The initiative taken by local production house like Meiphung Productions has shaped the minds of the community through its movies and is moulding the community in the right direction. Their movies based on social issues has generated awareness among the community. This steps should be appreciated and supported by one and all. Among the hill districts, it would not be wrong to say that Tangkhul film industry is progressing ahead of others.”

Minister Khashim Vashum stated “artists are regarded highly in other places, even in Manipur, Meitei artists are treated with respect. Our community mindset must change and support our upcoming Tangkhul artists and encourage them to go to a higher level.”

Minister Khashim Vashum encourage the production house of Tangkhul film industry to work with other movie production houses in Manipur and also to approach the concern authority of Manipur for assistance.

Minister Khashim Vashum officially released the much awaited Tangkhul feature film “I Hanung Haoga” in the presence of cast and crew and hundreds of movie lovers.

K. Timothy Zimik stated that ” we should be hard working to make our film industry a success. We also need well trained professional from this field. A well made film can go a long way even if its budget is very low.”

With a runtime of 2 hours, the story is penned by Obed Vasha and directed by Seema KS Awungshi. Movie lovers in large numbers came out to watch the premiere and got the chance to interact with the cast and crew of the movie. The main actors are Yursem Luithui, Angel Shimrah and Kanring Vashum.

Directorial debut for Seema KS Awungshi, she informed this correspondent that “the feature film “I Hanung Haoga” is a gospel film based on true story and the 6th film produced by Meiphung Productions. We have produced various movies in different genre and this film is different from the others 5 movies produced by Meiphung Productions. There are lots of moral lessons to be learnt from this film. The people have been so supportive in the past and we look forward to their continued support. This is a wholesome movie that can be watch by everyone regardless of their age.”

The main actress, Angel Shimrah during the red carpet and interaction session expressed immense gratitude to all the fans and well wishers. Angel Shimrah who had acted in a number of Tangkhul movies stated that “I have worked with various production house of Tangkhul movies, it is privilege to work with Meiphung Productions, one of the leading prpduction house of Tangkhul film industry.”

Meiphung Production was established in 2014, it would not be wrong to say that with its inception the Tangkhul Film Industry was revived and taken to a much higher level.

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