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YBS initiates Plant A Flower Day in Shimreishang, Maitonphi Park


Different varieties of flowers and trees were planted at Shimreishang and Maitonphi Park at Longkhan, Phungcham on Tuesday under the initiative of Yangreiram Beautification Society.

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

Yangreiram Beautification Society organised “Plant A Flower Day” at Shimreishang and Maitonphi Park, Longkhan, Phungcham, Ukhrul. The programme was attended by IGP (Admin) Manipur Police, IK. Muivah (IPS) and Former President of Tangkhul Naga Long, Artex A. Shimray as special guests.

Longkhan is the rendezvous place of Shimreishang and Maitonphi of Phungcham and is located about 28km from Ukhrul Headquarters. A love story that is heard far and wide and in memory of the two legendary lovers, Ashang and Aton, a park and statue has been erected at Longkhan. The beautiful place is maintained by Yangreiram Beautification Society (YBS) since 2015 and it is a popular picnic spot.

IK. Muivah stated that “Phungcham is considered as one of the oldest village among the Tangkhuls and is associated with many historical facts.” He implored the villagers to plant variety of flowers and fruit bearing trees in and around the Park to attract tourists from every corner of the world. While collecting orchids from the jungle, let us not take away the whole plant but leave some form propagation in their natural habitat.

IK. Muivah also categorically stated the need to preserve the indigenous canine breed called “Haofa” which is on the verge of extinction but are found in large number at Phungcham. He also lauded the decision of the villagers to preseve and popularise the Haofa. The Phungcham villagers had adopted a resolution on October 4, 2021, to reared only Haofa to preserve and maintain the purity of the indigenous breed. IK. Muivah promised to extend all possible help in maintaining and promoting the historical park of Phungcham.

Artex A Shimray stated that ” to attract tourists, the people need to make the park more exceptional. Plant varieties of flowers that blooms the in different season to attract tourists throughout the year.” He also urged the villagers to make this park a community conserve area where people cannot hunt or fell trees or take up any other human activities that will dilute the scenic beauty. He also suggested to invite architect or expert in landscaping for planning a proper layout of the area.

Initiated by Yangreiram Beautification Society, the initiative was participated by the members of 8 groups of Yarnao (peer group). They planted varieties of flowers and plants and clear the gazebo or structure that has been built by the respective Yarnao inside the park.

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