Undervalued compensation unacceptable, say NH-202 Expansion-affected land owners

By FrontierManipur | Published On 26th Jul, 2021, 09:54 GMT+0530

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The committee also cautioned the authorities concerned to restrain from acting in “unlawful activities and impartial actions”.

TFM Kangpokpi Representative

The Joint Committee on Affected Lands of Mongneljang and Gwalatabi Villagers by NH-202 Expansion expressed objection against the alleged surreptitious payment of undervalued compensation without the consent and neglecting the grievances of the affected pattadars for the proposed land to be acquired for expansion and development of NH-202.

While drawing the attention of the state government, the committee said that it strongly objected to the surreptitious payment of the undervalued compensation paid without our knowledge after due notice given to the concerned authorities to hear their grievances while the authority concerned moved on stealthily without following the principles of natural justice.

It recalled that a joint objection had been furnished to the chief minister’s office, the deputy commissioner, the director of the NHIDCL, etc. vide letter no.JCO/MG/6/2021(i). But they remained silent to date by acting in a biased and one-sided manner, it alleged.

It continued that the “illegal act” of the concerned authorities by surreptitiously paying the undervalued meager amount of compensation to silence the voice of the affected pattadars is not accepted by the joint committee and the whole community at large while adding that the affected lands belonging to the interested affected lands pattadars cannot be exploited by the government when their grievances are not redressed.

While expecting a positive response and action, the joint committee beseeched the state chief minister’s kind intervention and acknowledgment of their prayer while cautioning the authorities concerned to restrain from acting in “unlawful activities and impartial actions”.

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