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Unconditional love of mother wins hearts; many rally around boy battling cancer


An unemployed mother’s sheer will to save her son from Leukemia saw a respite with the help of HHP Child Helpline Manipur and others. But she is still uncertain whether that will be enough to sustain her son’s treatment

TFM Kangpokpi Representative

Mother’s love is unconditional because there is nothing in this world to replace mother’s love and of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest of them all.

This economically poor but loving mother’s story of how her “unconditional love” did a miracle for her poor child suffering from Leukemia and undergoing treatment at JNIMS Hospital Imphal will take thousands of hearts to appreciate those who make the miracle happened for the poor boy and also come forward to let the miracle continue till the poor boy is recovered from the dreaded disease.

An economically poor but kindhearted mother of two, Lamneilhing (32), from Chaljang Part-II in Kholjang area under Champhai Sub Division of Kangpokpi district has not enough cash but abundant love, enough so far to treat her 11-year-old son Leukemia patient.

Speaking to a local journalist, the 32-year-old mother, while narrating the miracle story, said that her son Lamgunsen Kipgen, a Class V student has been suffering from Leukemia ALL-B for two years after his father left them to live with his second wife ten years ago. And her only elder sister Neiboikim Kipgen (15) is also suffering from anxiety and sudden loss of consciousness.

“I have been toiling hard for their treatment as well as for their education and wellbeing alone ever since their father left us,” said the poor unemployed mother.

She narrated that her son had been admitted to JNIMS Imphal after suffering from leukemia last year several times and I had to bring him back home in January this year and could not continue the treatment owing to financial shortage which ultimately caused a relapse in his condition and worsened.

“My son was readmitted to the same hospital with some amount of money I had borrowed from my neighbours but it was not even enough to buy medicine for his treatment”, she added.

She said that her financial condition has been so bad that other patient parties at the hospital had to generously contribute and help her and her son with food and drinks as sometimes she could not even feed her ailing son since she did not have enough money to buy food.

“Even doctors and nurses at the hospital had to provide whatever free medication they could for my son”, narrated the poor mother.

The JNIMS Blood Bank had also issued them many units of blood without replacement considering their condition and also there were no volunteers to donate the young boy the blood required for his treatment.

“My life is full of tragedy. I have spent my life giving treatment to both children without any break with my meager earnings. If there’s no love, I would not be able to move on this far”, said the helpless mother.

The miracle begins when the concerned doctor in charge of the unfortunate poor boy saw the mother’s love hidden inside the poor boy’s mother and informed the HHP Child Helpline about their situation. Thanks to the kindhearted and intelligent doctor, the poor boy and his mother somehow stay at ease with the commendable support and help from the HHP Child Helpline at present.

According to the HHP Child Helpline Manipur, its volunteers immediately swung into action in helping out the poor patient and mother after the concerned doctor reached out to them and informed them about the situation of the mother and son.

We contacted a pharmacy and opened an account to provide Lamgunsen with the required medicines and we make weekly payments for the dues in the account, it added.

 They also coordinated with SRL Diagnostics to conduct all the necessary tests and charge them to HHP Child Helpline’s account while HHP Blood Wing will also be responsible for the provision of all the blood required for the patient’s treatment.

The HHP Child Helpline Manipur also seeks everyone’s support and help for Lamgunsen Kipgen.

Thanks to the concerned doctor and the HHP Child Helpline Manipur for making the miracle happen, the poor mother and her son are waiting and praying for their treatment.

Lamgunsen’s mother also narrated her restlessness over the continuous demand of money which she had borrowed for her son’s treatment by the moneylenders.

“The money lenders started pressuring me to clear my due amount which I had borrowed for my son’s treatment but I am still not in a position to clear it and I could not be at peace because of that”, said the restless mother.

She said that the concerned doctor who looks after her son strictly advised her to be hospitalised at least for another 4 to 5 months otherwise the son’s treatment could be badly affected again.

The poor mother also made a sincere appeal to all people and civil society organisations to come forward with support and help so as to sustain the miracle upon her child in the form of support and help from the doctor and HHP Child Helpline Manipur.

She further conveyed her profound gratitude to the doctor, HHP Child Helpline Manipur, Tujang Area Youth Association for their unwavering support and assistance.

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