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Ukhrul observes Declaration of Naga Independence Day


The colourful Naga flag could be seen fluttering in the streets of Ukhrul town.

By Tennoson Pheiray, FM Ukhrul Correspondent

“We are not asking for Independence, we are asking to accept our declaration of Independence of 14 August 1947” stated PR Jordan during the observance of 75th Naga Declaration of Independence Day on the premise of Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong at its headquarters in Ukhrul.

Former president of TKS PR Jordan hoisted the Naga flag. Speaking at the occasion, PR Jordan stated that “majority of the Naga people voted in favour of independence from India during the Naga Plebiscite of 1951. The Government of India condemned the declaration. However, on May 16, 1951, 99.9% of the Nagas voted in favour of independence from India.

“The Government of India has been trying to sabotage the declaration, dreams and aspirations of the Naga people by adopting a series of aggressive policies. Series of atrocities has been committed against the Naga people and for which thousands and thousands of our brothers and sisters have laid their lives and sacrificed for the cause of the Naga people, for the cause of Naga Nation. We shall forever honour their sacrifice.”

PR Jordan added that “many past leaders of TKS are victims of the aggressive policy of the India government.” He appealed to the gathering to extend all possible cooperation to TKS even in the days to come.

President of TKS, Shimri Raising said, “Let us not forget the fight is still going on. The choice is ours. United we stand, Divided we fall. It is our time, it is our movement, and it is our cause that our forebearers have been struggling for. We have to carry forward with might, courage and with united spirit. Let us always stand in unity. I thank you all for coming out in such numbers to commemorate this auspicious calendar day of the Naga people.”

Pearl A Shimray, an activist stated that “on this momentous occasion, I would like to wish my families, near and dear ones, friends and Nagas across the world, a very warm and 75th Naga Declaration of Independence Day. I am sure that observance of our Nagas historic event will unite all the Nagas across the artificial boundary more than ever before. We should work tirelessly to dismantle this artificially imposed boundary and restore our unity in no time. May our oppressor realize the futility of keeping us hostage for many decades by showing love and understanding. While we walk the path towards justice and peace, let true freedom reign in our land.”

Similar observances were held in various localities and villages of Ukhrul district. Villages in Ukhrul District hoisted the Naga flag, churches prayed for the leaders of Naga and India and for the community. The colourful Naga flag could be seen fluttering in the streets of Ukhrul town.

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