The tragic fate of DMU students – what can be done?

By FrontierManipur | Published On 28th May, 2021, 11:39 GMT+0530

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There has always been lagging in DMU’s administration and this has become a normal thing in the said university’s atmosphere.

It’s saddening to know that the students of Dhanamanjuri University (DMU), Imphal are stuck in their present semester which is lagging behind a lot as compared to the students of other state’s university and the nearby Manipur University. 

Since its inception, there has always been lagging in DMU’s administration and this has become a normal thing in the said university’s atmosphere. What may be the reason for this lagging? We never know since we are never told openly. But, this unfortunate lagging is going to and will affect a lot in the student’s academic future. 

One may face problems such as losing a year in the process of applying for Masters in other universities since the results won’t be out or the semester won’t end in the expected time. A loss of a year is a very serious loss and shouldn’t be taken easily by the authorities. Our future depends a lot in that one year, and this must be understood by them.

What can be done to make up this loss, even though there’s a lag behind? Here are a few suggestions, which is practicable and can be done by DMU easily, and one of them have been done already before by DMU.

Organise an Online Examination through Google Form: Questions can be sent to the students via Email or WhatsApp on the said Exam date at a certain time and the students will be given a specific time period to fill up the answer in the google form.

Organise an Online Examination through Websites: Students can log in at the university/college website and they will be given MCQ types of questions, which they must answer under a certain time period.

(We hope that the above two options can surely work with the university’s resources, and we have to assume that every student has access to a smartphone and has an internet connectivity. This assumption is viable since most of the students can have access to the above two accessories anyways possible in this modern world.)

As done before by DMU, assignments can be done by the students.

These three options can be opted by the university as soon as possible so as to save the student’s precious time and years. We need actions from the university!

Learn, Labour & Serve!

Written by  Dhanamanjuri University: Insiders (Facebook Page)

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