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Strong winds lash Ukhrul; Destroy Ava Market’s Ceiling


The strong winds that lashed Ukhrul on Friday night destroyed the ceiling of Ava Market at Phungreitang Ukhrul.

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

The strong winds that lashed Ukhrul Headquarters Friday night destroyed the ceiling of the Ava Market building and has compelled 16 vendors of Zaoranao Sinshim to halt their business of selling their products at the market at Phungreitang, Ukhrul.

In record time, the Ava Market (women’s market) was constructed and was handed over to ADC-Ukhrul on December 5, 2018. Since then, it had been put to good use. However, the strong winds on Friday night partially damaged the ceiling of the building. Debris of ceiling could be seen scattered. The frame that held the ceiling board together has also been damaged and is hanging precariously. It is likely to fall anytime and can cause harm to anyone near by. As a preventive measure, those vendors operating directly under the ceiling have temporarily closed their business until the repairing work is done.

President of Tangkhul Leihsak Long (TLL), Peacemoon Zimik stated that “last night because of the heavy winds, all the ceiling of Ava Market have been broken. And now, this Ava Market is no longer safe for the women vendors. So I would like to request the concerned authorities to replace the ceiling immediately for the welfare of the women operating at Ava Market.”

Meanwhile, President of Zaoranao Sinshim Ava Market, Soso Zimik informed this correspondent that “the women vendors are taking turns at night guarding the Ava Market to protect their goods from being stolen. Theft has become a common occurrence and the women vendors are suffering great loss. She added that “earlier there were two chowkidars, but now there is only one and the lone chowkidar is finding it difficult to look after the Ava Market 24×7. It is not convenient for us to transport our things everyday from home to Ava Market and back. So, some of us have to stay guard. We have already approached the concern authority repeatedly for keeping an additional chowkidar.”

The SDO of Ukhrul has also deputed his team to take stock of the damages.

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