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Senapati District Hospital sans proper water supply, electricity supply irks denizens


“Why set up a hospital where there’s no proper water supply even for basic needs, where there’s not even a generator for backup when there’s no electricity.”

By Soyophy

On December 4, I came to Senapati District Hospital, the only Government-run hospital in the district where patients from different communities, backgrounds and villages come for treatment. After pondering a lot to myself, I’ve finally mustered up enough courage to write what has been bothering me since I came here. 

Why does it concern me so much?  Why should I write or talk about it when others haven’t? What does it matter to me how the hospital is managed?  I’ve been asking myself so many questions since I arrived here at the Hospital. Let me share with you. 

Some of you may find it uncomfortable or awkward as you keep on reading what I’ve written. I won’t mind if you want to stop reading, but I am writing this to let concerned citizens of the district know the true reality of what the patients or their attendees at the hospital are facing. 

First of all, the only District hospital in Senapati does not have proper water supply in the washrooms for the patients or attendants at the hospital. Believe me or not, there is no water supply, one of the most basic needs. For any emergency use, we have to buy mineral water. Lucky us, right?  We use clean mineral bottled water for all our daily needs, even for flushing the toilets. I don’t know if this is happening to all floors of the hospital, but I am currently in the Female ward on the second floor and the washroom is a total mess.  

On Sundays, our people don’t usually work on Sundays, so I ignored it. Cleaners came Tuesday morning, they mopped the ward floor and went back without even checking inside the washrooms. Well, we’re using it because we’ve no other option, I also don’t feel like stepping inside. Cleanliness at a hospital should be of utmost importance, this is my thought. Why? Because this is a place where doctors and nurses save lives. There are many airborne or water borne diseases, which is why cleanliness is important, this is common knowledge. But the scene of the toilets gives me goose-bumps. 

Patients need rest in a peaceful and clean environment, but out here, even the ones who are not sick find it difficult to breathe when we step in. There is a routine or rooster pasted on one of the doors of the toilet where the cleaners need to sign after their shift. I noticed there’s not even a single signature since November. They either forgot to sign it or they haven’t cleaned it at all.

I am not saying it should be squeaky clean. I understand it’s a common ward, people go in and out every few minutes. It will get dirty real quick, I know. But at least provide enough water, I am sure people who use it will also know what to do. 

As I mentioned above, people from various backgrounds get admitted in the hospital, some from the far end of the district who come to the hospital for treatment where they have to spend for transportation and treatments. However, now they’ve to even buy water for their needs which should be provided free of cost in the hospital. 

I asked a nurse and she told me the hospital buys a water tank and fills it up but the OT (Operation Theater)  needs water 24 hours, so it’s preserved for that. I found the reply a little hilarious, yet at the same time I am wondering if there’s 24 hours running water in the OT. 

Secondly, there is the problem of electricity. The whole hospital is in complete darkness when there’s no power as there are no other alternatives. The patients are using candles, solar lamps and mobile flashlights. Hospital should be a place lightened up at every minute. How can one expect a patient to be cheerful and to recover in this atmosphere? 

An attendant at the hospital told us we should complain to the higher authority as they’re helpless. When enquired, a doctor told us they’ve been facing water scarcity since February. 

I don’t know if anyone raised the issue to the so-called higher authorities or concerned departments. If so, why is the hospital still in this pathetic condition? Who are the higher authorities? Who is responsible? Are they also equally helpless like us, the public? What is the CMO, MS, doing at a time like this? Are they blind or just ignorant? What about the District administration? What is the Government doing? Where are all the big talks? 

Phrases like equality in the hills and valleys, ching-tam amatani, etc. remain only in the words of politicians. Why set up a hospital where there’s no proper water supply even for basic needs, where there’s not even a generator for backup when there’s no electricity. I’ve only pointed out two main issues, but I can guarantee there’s a lot more. How long should we keep silent? How long should we wait? How long must the people suffer due to the negligence of irresponsible authorities? How long?




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