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Repoll by and large peaceful at 44-Ukhrul and 45-Chingai


Many have condemned the heinous and inhuman kerosene bomb attack at Ukhrul E-2 polling station of Khamphasom Ukhrul Constituency on March 5 by miscreants.

By Tennoson Pheiray, TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

Repoll at 44-Ukhrul AC of Ukhrul E-2 with 1231 voters and 45-Chingai AC at 45/25 Kalhang with 726 voters and 45/31 Peh-B with 952 voters concluded peacefully on Tuesday.

As per information made available  to this correspondent by respective presiding officers of the 3 polling stations, by 11:30 am, around 400 voters from Ukhrul E-2 have exercised their franchise. Around 400 voters from Peh-B and 150 voters from Kalhang have cast their vote.

The District Administration of Ukhrul has clamped 144 CrpC within the polling stations area. No assembly of of public within 100 meters of the polling stations was allowed. The order shall remain enforce till 19:00 hours of March 10 in revenue jurisdiction of Ukhrul Districts. With tight secur3.ity, the repoll is being conducted peacefully.

At the close of 4pm, 56.21 % vote was cast at 44/45 Ukhrul E-2. Police personnel were seen checking and authenticating the people in queue and issuing the slip. Those people who are carrying others Voter ID Card was requested to go back home.The vote casting process finally ends at 6:05pm at Ukhrul E-2. A total of 961 casted their vote out of 1231.

As per report received, repoll at two pollling stations of 45-Chingai AC stands at 71.74 %, 532 vote cast out of 726 at Kalhang and 78.78%, 757 vote cast out of 952 at  Peh B.

Meanwhile, well-wishers, friends and many others have condemned the heinous and inhuman kerosene bomb attack at the polling station of Khamphasom Ukhrul Constituency on March 5 by miscreants.

Substantiated report stated that the impact knocked the on duty presiding officer Wormichon Vashum and polling officer Premila Devi unconscious inside the vehicle they were sitting and sustained multiple burnt injuries. The prompt reaction by the police officers at the polling station saved their lives. “We extend our heartfelt gratitude and respect to them. The vehicle was engulfed in flame and burnt down completely”, said a condemnation note issued by the batch of 1991/JNV Lambui.

“Such an act of terrorism should not be allowed to take root in our community. The Election Commission and the law enforcing agency are expected to investigate the incident seriously and punish the culprit/s whosoever in accordance with the law of the land at the earliest and without fail. Civil societies are also requested to condemn the heinous act and take such initiative to spread awareness against the growing tendency of resorting to act of violence and intimidation in electoral politics”, said the press note.



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