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PREPAK to observe ‘9th ‘Indian colonialism resist day’ on April 26


The proscribed PREPAK has appealed to the people to observe the day and raise their voice against “barbaric atrocities” committed on the people so that the same is not repeated in future.

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The proscribed People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) on Monday said that it was  observing April 26, 2022 as the “Indian Colonialism Resist Day” at its CHQ, GHQ, THQ,Transit Camps, Training Centres and other areas.

A press release issued by by LeibaakNgaakpa Luwang, Charge de’ Affairs, Publicity and Propaganda, PREPAK said, “In memory of several atrocities like murder against women  and children, sexual crimes and the cruel Patsoi-Langjing episode, committed by Indian forces in the shadow of black laws , the proscribed People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) is observing April 26, 2022 as the ‘Indian Colonialism Resist Day’”.

PREPAK has requested the people to observe the day against “colonial force” and to collectively raise their voice against “barbaric atrocities” committed on the people so that the same is not repeated in future.

The people of Kangleipak had been bearing the brunt of all forms of atrocities used as colonial strategy by India for so many years, said PREPAK and added that in the name of fighting against those who are struggling to regain lost sovereignty, and “to commit genocide under the shadow of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA)-1958, many sons of the soil had been killed by IOF”.

PREPAK listed some of the prominent episodes:

April 26, 1980 Patsoi Langjing incident; November 21, 1980, four killed by India army personnel at Oinam Leikai; March 14, 1984, Heirangoithong episode in which CRPF shot 13 people during a volley ball match; July 11, 1987, the Oinam (Senapati) episode in which Assam Rifles burnt down the village and shot 15 people; March 25, 1993 Sagolband Tera Keithel episode in which IOF killed five innocent people; July 28, 1994 episode in which 31 Assam Rifles killed four people in Makui (Tamenglong); September 25, 1994 in which 13 Sikh Light Infantry killed four people in Tamenglong’s Nungkao; January 7, 1995 CRPF shot dead nine people including a medical student from Arunachal Pradesh at RMC (now RIMS); February 19, 1995 episode in which 127 CRPF killed three people and injured nine at  Bashikhong crossing; May 9, 1995 episode in which 20 Assam Rifles in Ukhrul killed three people; August 12, 1997 in which 7 Assam Rifles killed five people at Tabokpikhongda; October 15, 1997 incident in which Indian Army at Nungleiban killed nine persons; September 23, 2000 in which 10 persons killed at Tonsen Lamkhai; November 2, 2000 in which 4 Assam Rifles shot dead 10 persons at a buss stand at Malom; and July 12, 2004 episode in which Thangjam Manorama was apprehended by Assam Rifles and she was raped and killed on July 13 etc.

“However, the most historically significant episode is the April 26, 1980 at Patsoi Langjing Khunou and this episode lit the flames of patriotic and revolutionary fervour among the masses” stated the proscribed group. On the same day at 9.15 am, some Red Army cadres of PREPAK killed two CRPF personnel and snatched two weapons at the Langjing foothill’s Patsoi Lamkhai. After this incident, CRPF personnel cordoned off the Langjing area and shot dead four innocent people”, alleged PREPAK.

The outfit further said that this was followed by subsequent atrocities committed on women, children and the aged. Another CRPF personnel who was on pursuit was also killed by the Red Army cadres. “The demoralized CRPF personnel resorted to shameless acts of atrocities on local residents and even committed disgraceful acts on women and girls in front of their male siblings”, added PREPAK.

“During the same episode, IOF also killed one pregnant woman Bino in front of her little children  in a cruel conduct.The also collected valuables, jewelries, clothes after entering the houses in the locality.This was not the end of the Patsoi Langjing episode.  Imphal Municipality’s driver hailing from Patsoi Part-2 Lourembam Angou, son of Tamphajao was killed by CRPF personnel at Langjinggi Chingkhong after interrogation.

The inhumane and cruel Patsoi – Langjing episode will not be forgotten by the people for generations”, alleged PREPAK. In recalling this episode, PREPAK is observing its 9th “Indian Colonialism Resist Day”. Let us all stand united and in one voice shout “Go back Indian Army”, stated the press release.

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