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PREPAK slams ‘colonial national media’ for ‘sabotage propaganda’


The outfit warned that if any media act like this in future, then PREPAK and its armed wing Red Army will have no other choice but to view them with the same lens as it is done for the “Occupational Forces

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Proscribed People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) has trashed the news report with the headline “Three Manipuri Insurgency Leaders killed in Myanmar in group clash” on May 29 by a couple of “Colonial National Media” as baseless and wrong.

Terming the report as “Sabotage Propaganda” by “Colonist India” as part of its ongoing long-term strategy to undermine the revolutionary movement to regain the lost independence of Kangleipak and establish an egalitarian society, the outfit said people of the land should not lose hope because of such an act trying to portray problems amongst the revolutionaries who are sacrificing everything for the cause.

All over the world it is an accepted fact that the media plays an important role in both expanding imperialism and those trying to escape and gain independence from the clutches of imperialism, it said. Both tried to bring the media on their side. When India was under the British rule there were two sets of media — “Colonial media” and “Nationalist media”. In spite of challenges the Nationalist media “stood like a mountain” and played a key role in India’s independence movement, it added.

The outfit stated that revolutionary parties and people of the state knew from the beginning that “their media” played an important role in India’s expansion of imperialist policies. Just as demons give birth to demons, India also supported the colonial media in suppressing independence movements in WESEA and within India itself who are struggling for “human independence”. The outfit also accused them of never supporting any independence movements around the world.

Slamming the Indian media, the outfit said If not supporting the independence movement of WESEA, the colonial media could have at least reported about the atrocities of “India’s occupational force” as a “Free media”. “This could have painted the true picture of the land and helped in gaining support from the international community,” it added.

The outfit further said since the Indian media has suppressed the atrocities of Indian security forces in states where there are Maoist movements, the people of that part of India are resorting to leaflets and booklets to tell their story. It is a big question when the journalists of India will ever get the “World Press Freedom Award” which is conferred to journalists around the world for their courageous work, it said.

The recent episode makes it quite clear that the PTI and Indian Express are “Colonial media”, said PREPAK. It also warned that if any other media act like this in future, then PREPAK and its armed wing Red Army will have no other choice but to view them with the same lens as it is done for the “Occupational Forces”.

Saying that their “sabotage propaganda” can never deter the spirit of the party, the outfit said PREPAK and its armed wing Red Army will continue to struggle until the vision of the late three leaders are achieved — an independent, developed and egalitarian society. 

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