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PREPAK lists a few points to ponder on its 44th Foundation Day – Part 1


The proscribed outfit said the strongest weapon that makes it appear to be freedom by fooling the people of this land is the Election. It also said the one and only objective of Hindustan to set up the Loktak Project was to destroy the self-sustaining economy of Kangleipak and turn it into a captive market.

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As part of its 44th Foundation Day celebrations on Saturday, the proscribed People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) on Friday offered revolutionary salute to those revolutionaries who had laid down their lives during the struggle for restoring sovereignty and independence of Kangleipak.

In a statement issued by PREPAK Interim Council chairman Aheiba Angom on Friday, the outfit said it has been relentlessly continuing a movement for liberation of Kangleipak that had been fraudulently and forcibly merged to Indian dominion by colonial India, to give the people freedom, development and an egalitarian society.

The outfit also conveyed revolutionary greetings to “all fellow natives of Kangleipak, who have been living together with love and harmony under the colonial yoke, leaders of revolutionary organizations, comrades, fellow revolutionary organizations and all oppressed and exploited people of the world by the colonial forces.”

In connection with the 44th Foundation Day, PREPAK laid some points before the people to analyze.

‘Kangleipak in a moribund state’

The statement said survival of today’s Kangleipak in a moribund state is one of the big changes brought about by the forcible merger of the land in 1949 by dissolving the then National Legislature formed by elected representatives through a popular vote. Hindustan (India) had violated provisions of the Indian Independence Act, 1947(IIA), Manipur Constitution Act, 1947 (MCA), Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties – 1969 (Treaty on Treaties), UN Charter and Customary International Law to forcibly annex Kangleipak.

However, the fact that like the rest of the international community, the people of this region wish to live a life in freedom is clearly proven by the ongoing movement for liberation. No one can ever keep this movement suppressed because freedom is inextricable from humankind. This fact has been pointed out by a number of renowned persons for centuries and will ever remain as the universal truth, it added.

The statement further said On the other hand, a sense of materialistic comfort is spreading widely as if it is more important than the one thing that remains unchanged among all the changes, which is freedom of human beings. The same influence is being faced by the people of Kangleipak as well. A large number of people, by forming groups and gangs, are trying to gain materialistic comfort, as if it is the last thing in life, without fear or hesitancy for any consequences, it added.

Despite all that, the desire for indulging in the stream of freedom remains intact. Achieving this objective lies in the united strength and dedication of the people. In order to achieve this, it is absolutely necessary to know the land thoroughly from all aspects, it said.

The proscribed outfit said, “It is an accepted fact to all historians that big changes came about in the history of Kangleipak after the unsuccessful Cultural Revolution of King Pamheiba. The ugliest period in the history of rulers of Kangleipak is the habit of some of them depending on outsiders’ help and mercy to rule. This has become clearer after India had annexed Kangleipak.”

‘Election causes hill-valley tie to get worse’

The strongest weapon that makes it appear to be freedom by fooling the people of this land is the Election. The festival of money and intoxicant substances keeps the people of this land in stupor for every 5 years. In order to achieve power, though for a short time, rich people pretending to be leaders take Kangleipak in such a way that no rebuilding can be done whatsoever later on. Drug abuse can be cured by treatment but there is no cure for those who have been baptized in electoral politics just to get borrowed power, it said.

Apart from using money power and intoxicants to get victory in the election, safe haven is created for the outsiders thus spoiling the land. This is an example of surrendering Kangleipak to the outsiders just to win the elections. When outsiders overwhelm the land, how long the liberation movement could continue remains as a big question, the outfit said.

Stating that one of the top priorities to be addressed by the people is to strengthen the hill-valley relation that seems to have worsened even more than the erstwhile British period, the outfit said nevertheless, the election has caused the hill-valley tie to get worse. Trying to get votes of the valley by criticizing the hill movement leaders while the so-called leaders of the hills lambasting the valley to win the election is something that we have been witnessing for a long time. As a result, such a situation is being created wherein the growing youths of both valley and hills face trust deficit between one another and fold up sleeves to fight. This is a big outcome caused by the Indian election, it argued.

Further the outfit claimed that today, many of those who used to gamble their lives for service to the people have allowed themselves to fall into the trap of election. It is not an easy task to bring those who had fallen in the trap of election back to the right path. Yet it remains as an essential task to be done because Kangleipak won’t meet its end in anything else but in the election.

‘So-called leaders who fought elections lack ideas’

Besides, those so-called leaders who had fought elections and held power since 1972 lacked ideas on how to maintain and protect their own land, the outfit said. They had no vision, nor target, it added.

The statement further said even if they had, they could not translate it into action. It’s because there is no space for such action in the backbone of administration—Constitution and other policies. Thus they always travel in an aimless journey. People, without caring whether right or wrong, also get carried away by them. Saving the people from the election which is undertaking a goalless journey using time and energy is an essential task, it added.

The statement asserted that concerted efforts being made by the so-called leaders to keep the guise of a government formed by representatives elected freely by people are seen in the society. They are trying to create a hopeless society by throwing money and making the youths zonked with narcotics in the election. Electoral poison has been spewed even in religious and traditional activities. All people have been injected with electoral poison and entrapped so as not to be able to escape from such a society.

All talks of freedom, coexistence, thoughts of united struggle and sacrifice have been thrown away far and issues of candidates, election, money, narcotics, etc have become the most important talks of the exploited people, it said.

‘Land is equally essential in building a Nation’

The statement said if a State exists, there ought to be some concrete policies for development in that State. In order to enable the people to live properly, die in peace and to have assured life for future generations, it is necessary for a free nation to have an appropriate policy on soil conservation so as to get good yield. However, there is no answer when asked what significant achievement had been made in the State since 1949. Power, water, roads and bridges, government appointments, monthly salaries, etc are not significant achievements. These are essential matters administration must provide for.

The so-called significant developments in the State may be cited as construction of brick farms, stone crushing factories and farm houses of the affluent people in the fields that produce paddy, where orgies are held regularly, it said.

The outfit stated that land is equally essential in building a Nation and taking up developmental works. But there is no concrete policy for use of the exceptionally fertile land. Leader of the masses, Hijam Irabot launched an intense movement for ushering in change in land use but it was not successful. All cultivable land of Kangleipak lies in the hands of the Ministers, MLAs, top officials of government, illegal traders and smugglers.

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