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Over 10000 attend one-day consultative meet in 44-Ukhrul Assembly Constituency

MLA of 44-Ukhrul Assembly Constituency, Alfred Kan-ngam Shangshakwoshi Arthur

MLA of 44-Ukhrul Assembly Constituency, Alfred Kan-ngam Shangshakwoshi Arthur organised a one-day consultative meet on the last 5 years and the way forward at Sangsoumi, South Loushing.

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

In 2016, Alfred Kanngam Arthur kickstarted his campaign in the same place and was attended by more than 7000 people. Breaking the record of 2016 campaign kick-off, a total of more than 10000 people came in 1437 vehicles at today’s one day consultative meet on the last 5 years and the way forward.

In a fiery 2 hours and 20 minutes of speech, MLA Alfred Kanngam Shangshakwoshi stated that “I have earnestly pursued to achieve the vision that we have set in 2016 and in order to fulfill the aspiration of the people, I have been fighting through democratic process.”

Alfred Kanngam Arthur urged the voters of 44-Ukhrul Assembly Constituency to sacrifice today to secure their future and to give mandate to person who could take risk and shoulder the public responsibilities for betterment of the citizens.

“Come let us reason together. I have manifested myself in the last state assembly election 2017 that I will transform education, health care and rehabilitation of youths in order to reform the tribal economy and alleviate our living standard. The progress of the hill districts of Manipur can be achieved only through set of rules and is through devolving power to Autonomous District Council in letter and spirit” stated MLA Alfred Kanngam Arthur.

He further continued “The HAC recommended ADC Bill 2021 is to decentralise the power at the grassroot level so that equity in development to the people is reached where needed most. Through legislation of laws we can create a system to change the course of life and not by an individual or MLA. It is the rights of the tribal community to receive our due share of developmental package from the Government. What legacy should we keep for our posterity, when our rights has been bartered for political advantages to win election? For how long the tribal peoples have to rely on economic package?”

“The HAC recommended ADC Bill 2021 is to empower the ADC in the hills and bring equal and equitable development and also to bridge the hill and valley gap” asserted MLA Alfred Kanngam Arthur. The drafted ADC Bill 2021 is within the parameters of Indian constitution under the provision of HAC. The elected peoples representative have to carry the voice of his peoples and should have the quality and courage to raise the issues of his peoples in the “House of the People” and decide what is good for the people” added MLA Alfred Kanngam Arthur

MLA Alfred Kanngam Arthur also mentioned that he toured almost all villages under his 44-Ukhrul Assembly Constituency including the last eastern village, Kachouphung to take stock of the people’s living conditions and to ensure their wellbeing.

MLA Alfred Kanngam Arthur also seek forgiveness from the public in case he had hurt them personally through his words or others during his 5 years leadership as elected people’s representative.

The mammoth crowd gave standing ovation to MLA Alfred Kanngam Shangshakwoshi Arthur and shouted slogan “I will vote for my rights” to marked their support for the upcoming Manipur State Legislative Assembly 2022. MLA Alfred Kanngam Arthur reassured them that he is committed to stand to safeguard the rights of the tribal community.

The meeting began with a minute of silence in remembrance and respect to the departed colleagues of MLA’s who have lost their lives during the last 5 years. The attending headmen, pastors and elders prayed for MLA Alfred Kanngam Arthur for the forthcoming 12th Manipur State Legislative election 2022.

MLA’s father Arthur Shangshakwoshi presented special number “God be with you till we meet again” for his son to bring victory in the election.

The gathering endorsed MLA Alfred Kanngam Arthur to vigorously pursue the ADC Bill 2021 as a way forward to secure the rights of the people.

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