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Nagaland: Hundreds attend rally against ‘rape’; submit memo to DC Peren

Students and other frontal leaders including women marching towards DC’s office to submit memorandum in Peren, Nagaland

Students and other frontal leaders including women marched towards DC’s office to submit a memorandum against alleged rape of a minor by her own father.

By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Correspondent

A public rally was held on Thursday against the alleged rape of a minor girl by her own father on March 24 this year. At the local Ground, Samziuram, Peren, hundreds of students in school uniforms, youth organizations, and other frontal organizations including the Zeliangrong Mipui Organization (ZMO), Zeliangrong Baudi Nagaland (ZBN), Zeliang Student’s Union Nagaland (ZlSUN), and Zeliangrong Youth Organization Nagaland (ZYON) and others attended to show solidarity.

The public rally against the alleged rape case was spearheaded by the Zeliangrong Student’s Union Nagaland (ZSU-N), affiliated to the Naga Students Federation. Representatives of key organizations spoke during the rally and condemned the vile act of the accused. They spoke on the challenges the mothers have to face and ask all to more responsible and execute their duties towards upbringing of a girl child.

The rally participants held placards that read “Protect Us Daddy! Instead, I Stand Against Rape, Stop Violence Against Women, He Didn’t Rape The Child But The Whole Humanity, Listen When A Girl Says No, Enough Is Enough, and We Want Justice”. They marched towards office of the ADC, Jalukie, and submitted an memorandum addressed to the Deputy Commissioner, Peren.
The memorandum submitted to Deputy Commissioner, Peren, by the Zeliangrong Student’s Union Nagaland (ZSUN) sought immediate intervention into the incident. It stated that the accused identified as Kanito Yepthomi, a retired Jawan of the 3rd Assam Regiment, not only meted out a heinous “wicked act” but also traumatized the child and the family members with his behaviour.

The 3-point memorandum submitted to DC, Peren read:

1. Your esteemed self must be aware of the protracted diabolic biological crime committed by Kanito Yepthomi that has been going on for more than a week. And in compliance with Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act, 2012, the culprit has duly been booked by the law agencies. While safeguarding the interest of the child at every stage of judicial process, we (ZSUN) appeal that no bail provision (s) should be provisioned and whoever does so should solely be responsible for any repercussion that might arise in the future.
2. The ZSUN appeal to the law enforcing agency (s) to rigorously investigate and deliver justice to the victim and punish the culprit that may deem fit under the law expeditiously. Also, provisional psychiatrist counselling should be provided to the child by the concerned government agency (s) for speedy convalescence from psychological and physical trauma.
3. The ZSUN appeal that the culprit be excommunicated from Peren district thereafter, and if found of his entry to the village, the ZSUN would be compelled to execute its own course of action. And for any untoward incidence may arise, the district administration will be solely held responsible.

Further, the Zeliangrong Student’s Union Nagaland (ZSUN) along with various frontal organizations, representing the sentiments of the public has looked forward for an “unconditional support” in delivering justice and ensuring sustainable settlement to the protracted “diabolic biological crime”.
Meanwhile, president of the Zeliangrong Student’s Union Nagaland (ZSU-N), Adaube Hiekha, who has spearheaded the public rally, talking to this correspondent has extended his gratitude to those who had assembled without any boundaries to show solidarity with regard to the common cause by stating that their participation in the public rally during this challenging time was truly heartening for the Zeliangrong community.
Stating that the recent incident that happened in Samziuram was “horrifying” as a father betraying the trust of his own daughter by robbing of her dignity, Hiekha said that the act has not only harmed the minor victim but has also shattered the sense of security from everywhere including within a “home”.
“No daughter should suffer such indignity from her own parent who should be her protector”, he said while adding that all should unite unequivocally to see that such behaviour is unacceptable in the society.
He also urged the Nagaland government to swiftly investigate and to enforce laws including the POSCO Act’ 2012, and also to hold the “predator” accountable so as to rebuild the trust and create such an environment for all daughters and students’ communities as a whole.

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