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Naga people’s aspiration to be free being held hostage by GOI, Pro-Talk groups: NSCN (K) chairman


Generations of Nagas have borne the brunt of India’s brutality, injustice, and racism. All these atrocities are concealed from the world and the Nagas are declared ‘TERRORISTS’ in our own soil, says Yung Aung, in his statement to mark the 43rd Foundation Day of NSCN(K)

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On the 43rd Foundation Day of the proscribed NSCN(K), Chairman Yung Aung on Tuesday criticised Naga political groups which are in peace talks with the Government of India and alleged that “they are in the process to trade the Naga sovereignty in exchange for a mere solution within the Indian Union”. “The Naga people’s aspiration to be free is being held hostage by both GOI and the Pro-Talk groups,” he added.

He maintained that they have created enough confusion within the Nagas with their never-ending political drama which is all a lie and a complete waste of time and the end is disastrous consequences. “Apart from full freedom, no solution on earth can distort the historical truth. NSCN(K) will strongly reject any sell-out solution which compromises the sovereign dream of the Naga people,” he said.

In his message to mark the occasion, the chairman also paid tribute to national pioneers, brave comrades and thousands of innocent Nagas, who sacrificed selflessly for the national cause. He also extended wishes to all their revolutionary friends who stood by them through every difficulty and obstacle. “We will endeavour to establish a stronger relationship till we achieve our common goal. I salute our brave Naga army for their unwavering commitment and risking their lives every day to defend our birth right,” he said.

The chairman observed that a lot has changed since NSCN/GPRN came into formation in 1980. “Due to India’s continuous divisive design to extinguish the Naga movement, many national workers have fallen into the trap with no hope of ever getting out. Nagas have witnessed break-up due to political differences leading to fratricide between brothers which has stagnated our struggle for many years,” he said.

“Today, the fact remains that when all others big or small have abandoned their national pledge, NSCN(K) is the lone Organization zealously defending the sovereign right of the Naga nation till to this very day,” he added.

The chairman further said the NSCN (K) will not stop pursuing justice and redress of our people on both sides of the Impose boundary. Generations of Nagas have borne the brunt of India’s brutality, injustice, and racism and in the process, thousands Naga lives have been sacrificed. “All these atrocities are concealed from the world and the Nagas are declared ‘TERRORISTS’ in our own soil,” he added.

Stating that the Naga struggle has come too far and our people have suffered too long and too many lives have been lost, the chairman said anything less than full sovereignty is not an option. “History has taught us that there is no shortcut to freedom and we know Nagas also has to face its share of difficulty. We also learn from the Bible that the Children of Israel claimed their God’s given Promised land not by peaceful means but through blood, tears and sacrifice. The Nagas are already in their Promised land when India and Myanmar found us and we never invited them nor were defeated by them. They have invaded our peaceful country through her military might and they must leave or face heavy resistance,” he added.

Alleging that India is desperately trying to picture itself as the largest democracy while brutally dominating the Nagas and the entire WESEA region, the chairman said, “NSCN(K) will continue to take all possible measures to fulfill our moral and political commitment to our people. We know the road ahead is going to be difficult, yet we are confident of the final outcome.”

“Our freedom may be oppressed or delayed but we will triumph over tyranny. India’s dirty politics might have succeeded in the past, but the present and the future belong to the Nagas and we will not let our enemy decide our future. In our freedom journey, we are always confronted by critics, skeptics and naysayers who doubt our struggle is unrealistic and impossible,” he added.

Maintaining that it is high time for Naga Intellectuals, Naga Tribal Councils, Civil Societies and student bodies to deeply examine the facts from wrong, the chairman said, “Two future awaits us, either we choose a future of permanent subjugation or a future of hope and freedom. We must not submit to India’s Hindutva ideology and false globalization politics as it will be the beginning of the end of the Unique history, culture and identity of the Naga people. History has called us to be a nation, hence we started the race with sovereignty and we will end with sovereignty.”

He urged all Nagas to unite and sought God for his divine wisdom and strength to guide them out of this darkness into the light of hope and freedom.


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