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Manipur needs serious intervention in electoral conduct, says YCM

Deceptive calm at a polling station in Manipur

Youth Collective Manipur (YCM) expressed dismay over the unfortunate events that unfolded on the March 5 poll after monitoring a total of 67 polling stations in 13 Assembly Constituencies (ACs) out of the twenty-seven (27) that went to polls, including those that had re-poll.

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A survey conducted by Youth Collective Manipur (YCM) has observed that there were widespread violent incidents on the eve of the March 5 election. While most polling stations reported no major incidents, some stations had witnessed extreme violence including serious injuries and even deaths, said YCM.

The survey report issued by Thongam Zingo, Coordinator, People’s Election Monitoring said that similar to first phase polls, cases of booth capturing, damaging of EVM, malfunction of EVM and proxy voting reportedly occurred.

Violent confrontations among party workers as well as between officials and party workers created havoc in some ACs. From the issues reported, there were also isolated cases of self-disenfranchising due to fear and intimidation, said the report.

As per the ECI statement released on the poll vide COE-101/1/2021-ELEC-Media 12 incidence of “damage to EVM by miscreants” is reported; while re-poll is ordered only in six (6) polling stations in 4 ACs vide order no. COE-101/1/2021-ELEC-ED dated 7 March 2022. Details of the polling stations and YCM’s remarks are given below:

Assembly Constituencies PS where damage of EVM is reported PS where re-polling is ordered YCM remarks
42-Tengnoupal 42/4, 42/13, 42/16, 42/18, 42/42 and 42/43 Why no re-poll ordered in all 6 PS?
44-Ukhrul 44/64 and 44/70 44/45- Ukhrul (E-2) Why re-poll in 44/45 PS?

Why no re-poll in 44/64 and 44/70?

45- Chingai 45/26 and 45/31 45/25- Kahlang, 45/31- Peh (B) Why re-poll only in PS 45/31 and not in 45/26?
47-Karong 47/49 47/49- Ngamju Nil
49-Tadubi 49/51 49/4- Yangkhullen (A), 49/51- Mao Marafii Why re-polling in PS 49/4?

Further, election misconduct have been reported in many more polling stations at the valley ACs even though not as widespread as in the hill ACs. Complaints have also been filed with the ECI in some cases, however, no re-poll has been ordered.

It may also be noted that all the re-poll have been ordered on the ground of “damage of EVM” [u/s 58(2) of Representation of People’s Act, 1951] and no re-poll have been ordered on the ground of “booth capture” [u/s 58A(2) of RPA, 1951] even though incidents of booth capture have been reported widely. Orders issued by ECI on these matters do not provide the parameters or grounds on which the decisions are taken.

In the second phase poll, most candidates in ACs with highest voter turnout are documented crorepati. Likewise, vote buying was reportedly widespread on 5 March Polls. Yet again, violations of MCC have been overshadowed by violent incidents that occurred including on the day of polls. In some ACs, accessibility to report elections were challenged, the media in particular. For instance, a media person was reportedly attacked by a violent mob present in the vicinity of the polling station.

The 2022-Election has proven that genuine free expression of the will of people still remains a far cry. Therefore, YCM urges all relevant stakeholders to collectively address the electoral issues confronting us to deepen democracy in Manipur.



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