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Mahseer, Trout gradually vanish from Nambanlok, Sanalok


Nambanlok and Sanalok is a tributary of Chindwin River. Nambanlok and Sanalok pass through Chatric village, sharing International Border Pillar No. 117 & 118 in Indo-Myanmar border areas.

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

Nambanlok is about 100km and the Sanalok is about 130km from Ukhrul Headquarters. This ‘hidden paradise’ along the international border has the potential to attract tourists, if the road connectivity leading to the border area is maintained well by the responsible authority.

The area is well known for its scenic natural beauty and rich flora and fauna. The range has a large span of natural forest stretching till the international border with Myanmar. The area is also well known for the supply of fresh water fish abundantly made available in the local market of Ukhrul Headquarters.

Nambanlok and Sanalok are home to fresh water fishes like Mahseer (Ngara) and Trout. Unfortunately, their numbers are slowly reducing each passing year. Without proper study, the exact reason for the reduction may not be known. But, the people from the area have their suspicion. Aso Shimray, a frequent visitor, observed that it could be due to widespread use of fertilisers around the area which deprived the fishes of their food. “The use of fertilisers by the farmers in the region is affecting the rivers and their flora and fauna. The runoff water from the hills is directly flowing into the rivers and contaminating the waters,” said Aso Shimray.

Much needs to be done to restore and protect the flora and fauna in the area. To start with, we need to involve and work with the community. Engage in research work to ascertain the factors responsible for the change in the eco-system.

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