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Lhukhoshei Zou case: Nupi Samaj warns of intense agitation if the govt remains unfazed


CSOs and Meira Paibi organisations continue their protests against the acquittal of Lhukhosei Zou at different places in the state. 

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Nupi Samaj vice president S Ibemnungsi has warned that if the government remains unfazed to the demands and voice of the people regarding the acquittal of Lhukhosei Zou, they should be responsible when an intense agitation is launched by the mothers to save the future generation. 

Ibemnungsi was speaking on Wednesday at a sit-in protests against the acquittal of Lhukhosei Zou by an ND&PS court on December 17, in relation to a 2018 multi-crore drug haul case, held at Heirangoithong Makha Maibam Leikai, Imphal West. It was jointly organised by All

Manipur Women’s Social Reformation & Development Samaj (Nupi Samaj) and Coalition Against Drugs and Alcohol (CADA), a release said. 

She further said that people cannot still comprehend the fact that Lhukhoshei Zou was acquitted after a huge amount of drugs worth over Rs 27 crore were seized from his official quarter, and convicting his driver and a helper as scapegoats. How can a person with a monthly salary of just mere Rs 10,000 smuggle drugs worth crores of rupees, she asked. 

She also demanded the government to appeal to a higher court against the judgement acquitting Lhukhoshei Zou and others, and re-investigate into the case and punish appropriately according to the law. 

Star Voluntary Crop president Leimapokpam Bole who participated in the sit-in said that the agitation being held is against one of the major issues confronting the state. Since the truth about the case is specifically recorded in the diary of ASP Th Brinda, she is being suppressed, he added. 

CADA vice president Dipanjit Ningthoujam also spoke about the issue. 

The release further said that a sit-in was also held at Hiyangthang Mamang Leikai, Imphal West, jointly organised by Hiyangthang Mamang Leikai Development Meira Paibi Lup and Hiyangthang CADA Unit. CADA president Ningthoujam Doren delved into the issue.

Nupi Samaj, Mayanglangjing Apunba Meira Paibi Lup and CADA jointly organised a sit-in at Mayanglangjing Keithel, Imphal West against the acquittal of Lhukhosei Zou. 

Speaking about the issue, Mayanglangjing Semgat – Sagat Nupi Lup president Chongtham (O) Keinahal questioned the government why it remained silent against those who colluded in freeing someone who was caught with drugs. The government should honestly fight against the menace of drugs, she asserted. 

She also warned that if the government remains unperturbed to these democratic protests, the mothers of the state might be forced to launch an intense agitation in order to save their children. 

Slogans were also shouted at the end of the protests, the release added. 

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