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KIM urges people to resist phenomenon of hate, racial profiling in Manipur

A handful of hate-mongers have been building up false narratives and trying to dominate the public discourse coupled with incendiary rhetoric in a desperate bid to dehumanize, ostracise, and stigmatised their targeted ethnic group – the Kuki-Chin-Mizos, claims KIM.
TFM Kangpokpi Representative
Kuki Inpi Manipur, the apex body of the Kuki tribes urged the people of Manipur to improve the quality of resilience against the insidious phenomenon of hate and racial profiling.
The press communique of the Kuki Inpi Manipur signed by its two vice presidents Sominthang Doungel and Lal Robul Pudaite stated that in recent years, hate-mongering and venom spewing against the Kuki-Chin-Mizo ethnic group seems to have become a new norm by a few fringe groups, whose raison d’être is spreading hatred and animosity towards a particular ethnic group in the state. KIM alleged that these “small hitherto unknown fringe groups”, aided by a few of their supporters, have been working overtime on the social media and all forms of communication are being exploited as platforms to promote “bigotry”.
A handful of these hate-mongers have been building up false narratives and trying to dominate the public discourse coupled with incendiary rhetoric in a desperate bid to dehumanize, ostracise, and stigmatised their targeted ethnic group – the Kuki-Chin-Mizos, it added.
KIM said,  “If truth be told, the administration has been selectively selecting to whom the law applies to with full force in the state”, it asserted and added that it is truly regrettable that the essence of the rule of law in the state is not only misplaced, it is non-existent.
The stance adopted by the present ruling dispensation is “ultra-vires and completely unconstitutional to say the least”, and needless to say, it is in complete violation of The Rights to Equality (Articles 14-18), listed under the Fundamental Rights, enshrined in the Constitution of India, claimed KIM.
The organisation also stated that the idea of discrimination lies at the heart of “hate speech/hate-mongering” whose impact is not measured by its abusive value alone, but rather by how successfully and systematically it marginalizes a people. KIM pointed out that hate-mongering is nothing but systematic efforts by the proponents to marginalize an individual or a community based on their membership of an ethnic group, seeking to delegitimize a community in the eyes of other ethnic groups, reducing their social standing and acceptance within the society and the state.
The Kuki apex body stated, “What we have witnessed in the state recently is the result of the cumulative impact of the relentless villainizing of one ethnic group, and any act of democratic forms of protest by the victimized ethnic group who are at the receiving end of democratic deficit is viewed further as a disruption of a project that seeks to make public spaces more exclusive, and hence was met with exaggerated responses in law and politics”.
In a situation like this, the targeted and victimized ethnic group assumes hyperbolic significance which is the result of concerted hate directed towards a certain ethnic group over a period of time, KIM added. It also said that all these vitriolic attacks against the Kuki-Chin-Mizo group of people, who are listed as scheduled tribes in the constitution of India, is also in gross violation of The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities Act, 1989).
KIM then opined that every right-thinking citizen of the state must take a definite stand against those who are trying to weaponize hate for their own petty personal political gains, the loud voices of a few hate-filled people on the fringes of the society should be prevented at all cost from moving into the mainstream.
KIM stated that the people of Manipur must realize that hate conveyed in the form of speech or writing is a menace to democratic values, social stability, and peace and the rhetoric of hate must be nipped in the bud. The organisation further stated, “We must learn to have mutual respect for each other’s histories, traditions, and cultures and focus our energies instead on building an equitable society of mutual non-aggression, mutual non-interference, and peaceful co-existence”.
“Let us all work towards enhancing our resilience against such insidious phenomenon of hate and racial profiling, so that we will be in a position to strengthen the bonds of society, and build a better world for all of us in this British bequeathed Union of States called India, of which the present geo-political entity known as Manipur is an integral part of; where the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and therein is clearly defined all things relating to the administration of the Union, the state, citizenship, rights, and privileges of the citizens, constitutional provisions for Scheduled Tribes, so as to avert any confusion or convulsion from any quarters”, it added.
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