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Heavy Hailstorm Creates Havoc At Phungcham


Heavy hailstorm at around 6:00 pm on Saturday evening has destroyed many homes and standing crops.

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

Heavy hailstorm on Saturday evening at around 6:00 pm has destroyed corrugated tin roofs of many dwelling houses and standing crops at Phungcham, about 28km from north of Ukhrul Headquarters.

PR Thotthing informed this correspondent that the heavy hailstorm had left many holes on the tin roof of his kitchen and it is no longer inhabitable. Many people from Phungcham are also sharing similar stories.

The heavy hailstorm has created similar damages to the houses of Phokreingam Pheirei, Pr. Shaireingam, Pr. Thanmila, Shimreingam Pheirei, Ngachonmi Pheirei, Ramthar Pheirei, Shimthar Yangya, Yaomi Yangya, Masoyang Yangya, Ramngashan Yangya, Chamthing Zimik, Wungnaokan Horam, Ayo Horam, Shanreipam Horam and others. Moreover, it has destroyed many standing crops and vegetables.

Secretary of Phungcham Village Development Council, Chanyo Pheirei informed that they are in the process of collecting data for onward submission to DC Ukhrul for immediate relief and assistance.

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