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Has conman Kangujam Kanarjit turned into Cong man?

(Left) Photograph of Kanarjit with raised hands and having Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh doing the rounds on social media. (Right) Close up photo of Karnajit alias Dr KK Singh.

No confirmation or denial from the Congress yet. Demand for his arrest gains momentum after The Frontier Manipur’s exposé

TFM Report

When The Frontier Manipur’s report on fugitive conman Kangujam Kanarjit has kicked up a storm in the internet, a photo congratulating him for joining the Congress party is doing the rounds on social media platforms triggering yet another controversy. TFM tried to trace the origin of the photo but failed to track the same as it seems to have been deleted by now.

Caption of the photograph of Kanarjit with raised hands and having Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh in the inset said, “IYC headquarters, Honourable Chairman Dr KK Singh officially joined Indian National Congress (INC) today. Best wishes to his political career! Next Youth Minister.”

Though netizens expressed their wonders if the criminal mastermind who is an absconder wanted on multiple criminal charges has been allowed to join the Congress, there is still no confirmation or denial from the Congress whether he has indeed been accepted by the national party without verifying his criminal antecedents.

Meanwhile, following the TFM report, which drew bouquets and brickbats from netizens, sections of the public started raising questions on Karnajit’s nefarious activities on social media by posing as his nine-year-old daughter.

Karnajit through his daughter’s facebook account pretending to be her slammed this reporter and urged the public to target the web portal and the reporter. Karnajit also launched a smear campaign against this reporter alleging corruption, nepotism etc and blocked him from accessing FB account in the name of the nine-year-old girl on May 21 after the exposé.

It may be noted that as per Facebook norms, one has to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account (in some jurisdictions, this age limit may be higher). Creating an account with false information is a violation of Facebook terms. This includes accounts registered on the behalf of someone under 13 and hence it may be assumed that Kangujam Kanarjit fed false information to register her daughter for a facebook account. 

Meanwhile, this issue has become a debate on NGO forums across the globe after a Myanmarese national Aungthan Oo released a list of people mentioning their names and amounts fleeced by Kanarjit and IYC. They voiced outrage at why this conman, who is operating her daughter’s social media handles and finances, has not been arrested yet.

A youth activist from Mumbai, Govind Sharma told TFM, “Why is KK not arrested yet? He is continuing in his criminal activities. We have been duped of more than Rs 65,000 amount, we need justice. I have sent a legal notice to him but he has not responded. I also want the police to take up action against Jayanta Patra, president of IYC and others, we need justice.” ‘

Dr Pallabi Roy from Delhi also said, “I did like to say that it’s been years since we are chasing this man. It’s frustrating that he has scammed so many of us and we haven’t been able to get justice, forget about the refund, we haven’t been able to get him arrested.”

A youth leader from Bihar on ground of anonymity also said, “I feel ashamed we call ourselves youth leaders, we are not able to do anything due to the corruption in this country in getting justice. IYC gets the funds, KK receives lots of funds from outside in his account and his network from Pakistan, Nepal etc, he has no FCRA certificate, this is illegal. KK is trying to protect himself by shielding himself in the name of his daughter.”

Prajesh, a complainant from Nepal said, “I was scammed by KK Singh and his gang through IYC where he is chairperson. They had taken $460 from me in 2018 for a youth exchange, which never happened.”

“When asked for the refund of my money, IYC hid somewhere and KK blocked me on social media. Later, I was shocked to find it’s not only me but many youths across the world, and they have scammed thousands of dollars. It is shameful that frauds like him keep calling themselves youth leaders, they are roaming free and keep destroying the credibility of youth organisations with their fraudulent activities. They have made a method of scamming youth and students,” he said.

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