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Education sectors in Nagaland need to be reformed: RPP


All ghost and proxy teachers should be identified and action taken, communitization of teaching/SMCs should be discontinued as SMCs have become “dens” of corruption, says RPP

By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Correspondent

The Rising People’s Party (RPP), Nagaland, on Saturday said that the state’s “dirtiest department” needs to be totally overhauled and much needed reforms in the education sector would be undertaken once the party comes to power.
RPP in a press release stated that some of the important points included in NPSC reforms to minimize manipulations in the interview stage, the present interview marks in NCS exam would be slashed from 55 to 25, similarly with other exams.
It said a law would be enacted whereby all the vacant posts in the departments would be compulsorily requisitioned to the NPSC/NSSB while the present system of NPSC/NSSB having “no tooth” to requisition posts would be a thing of the past.
Stating that all MCQ answer keys (prelims and mains) for both civil and technical exams would be declared within 15 days after examination, the RPP also said that domain experts would be inducted as board members of the NPSC and there shall be no room for “failed politicians or party workers” in the board. It was also stated that it would be made compulsory for NPSC to maintain fixed annual calendar for conduct of exams.

NSSB ReformsThere will be no Interview in the NSSB

On the formation of Teachers’ Selection Board (TSB), RPP said presently selection of teachers up to higher secondary level fall neither under NPSC nor NSSB for which a teachers’ selection board would be set up and after the written stage is over, there would be an arduous interview stage where the interviewers would be a set of empaneled university professors of which the interviewers’ position is not permanent but on rotation basis and for a fixed period.
All ghost and proxy teachers would be identified and action taken, communitization of teaching/SMCs would be discontinued as SMCs have become “dens” of corruption.
Also stating that the teachers’ service rules would be suitably amended, RPP said litigations would be a thing of the past, a ceiling on admission/monthly fees for all the private schools and colleges in the state.
“The post of Principal Director in the DoSE will be done away with, the HoD shall be the Director. The post of Yoga Teacher in all government schools introduced by the NDPP-BJP Coalition will be abolished. Factors responsible for alien cultural imprints will be stamped out,” added the RPP. It further stated that Naga history/NE personalities would be adequately reflected in the NBSE
curriculum. Diversification of curriculum – skill based – as per the aptitude of the student from class 8 onwards. This according to RPP is as per the recommendation of “Mudaliar Commission”.

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