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Don’t trust Delhi-made robotic Meitei politicians: PREPAK (Pro) chairman Longjam Paliba M


In his message to mark the 14th Progressive Day, the chairman criticized India for being engulfed by deception, domination, shamelessness, and corruption

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On the 14th Progressive Day of People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (Progressive) (PREPAK (Pro)), which falls on June 1, 2024, its chairman Longjam Paliba M saluted those who sacrificed their lives to safeguard their motherland and expressed solidarity with the families suffering in the current heartbreaking situation.

In his message to mark the 14th Progressive Day, the chairman criticized India for being engulfed by deception, domination, shamelessness, and corruption. He warned that any society within these boundaries would inevitably deteriorate. According to him, society is becoming lethargic under India’s influence, likening it to being trapped in a “Sorry-Go-Round.” He accused Delhi of employing the “Chakravyuha Strategy” from the Mahabharata to subdue common people, particularly the indigenous people of WESEA, through a peculiar ‘Political Formation’.

Superficial ideology, he argued, cannot combat such a formation, noting that many Meiteis, whose minds have been influenced by Delhi, often oppose anti-Delhi sentiments. He urged people not to trust such “robotic” Meitei politicians and emphasized that only a collective ideological struggle could eradicate Delhi’s political influence.

Longjam Paliba M also addressed the popular demands to “Abrogate SoO, enact NRC,” which he said have been largely ignored by the central government. He lamented the immature political mentality of Meitei exposed in the recent elections.  The Centre perceived the Meitei community as disunited and easily pacified with threats and money power, he said. He stressed that a lack of unified social ideology leads to social upheaval and disunity, weakening their cause.

He called for the propagation of a strong Meitei consciousness, especially in light of the infamous May 3 event. He warned that ideology-less patriotism is an illusion and urged adherence to strategic principles, quoting Sun Tzu: “Putting tactics before strategy is the noise before defeat.” He highlighted the importance of a clear socio-political and economic ideology for success, advocating for a “Meitei First, Dreamy Indian Second” stance.

The Prepak(Pro) chairman argued that the narco-terrorist community and drug cartel, supported by India, have turned their society into a drug-addicted one. He compared this to many Meiteis’ addiction to the Indian political system and emphasized the need to prepare ideologically for a multifaceted movement across societal, economic, and political spheres. He condemned the mentality of dependency on Delhi for development and crisis resolution, labeling it a syndromic disease.

He concluded by underscoring the importance of overcoming this dependent mindset, as it is the crux of their weakness.

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