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Don’t poke your nose into other state’s matter, All Assam Manipuri Students Union tells SAPO

Metevizo Sophie General Secretary; Metekhrielie Mejura, President; Zasitsolie Beio, Legal Advisor. PHOTO SOURCE:

AAMSU slams the Government of Nagaland for its failure to control SAPO’s Economic blockade or bandh on National Highway to Manipur passing through Nagaland

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All Assam Manipuri Students Union (AAMSU) on Monday came down heavily on the Government of Nagaland for its failure to control Southern Angami Public Organisation (SAPO)’s Economic blockade or bandh on National Highway to Manipur passing through Nagaland.

Calling it the diabolic act of SAPO, AAMSU dubbed the Government of Nagaland as an unfit and incapable administrative institution which fails to control its citizens from carrying out such anti-social activities causing severe problems to its neighbouring state.

In a statement, AAMSU said Economic blockade or bandh called by Nagaland state CSOs on National Highway to Manipur passing through Nagaland and physical harassment frequently faced by Manipuri truck drivers while passing through Nagaland are not new issues. “Recently an organisation called SAPO based in Nagaland along with its allies imposed an indefinite blockade on National Highway-2 which is the lifeline of Manipur state on their illogical demand to withdraw Manipuri Armed Police Personnel from its own Manipur territory, it added.

AAMSU further said it has been learnt from various sources that Manipur Police Armed Personnel and its permanent structures are positioned within the territorial boundary of Manipur. SAPO and their like-minded other bodies should feel ashamed of interfering into the internal affairs of its neighbouring state, it said.

Stating that the Government of Manipur is deploying their police armed personnel within its jurisdiction, AAMSU said it is nowhere the duty of SAPO to poke its nose into other state’s matters. Moreover, blocking a National Highway, a national property, as a means of protest to fulfil their unjustified demand is extremely unacceptable, it added.

Condemning the activities carried out by SAPO and its allies on this matter, AAMSU asked the Government of Nagaland to take immediate action based on democratic norms and humanitarian ground to settle the ongoing chaos and prevent it from happening again in near future.

If the bandh is not withdrawn at the earliest as possible, then there will be a series of counter consequences and at that time Nagaland Government and SAPO will be held responsible for any outcome that arises as a result of their egoistic and selfish acts, AAMSU warned.

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