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Dhanamanjuri University – A Place Full of Hope or Just Nothing


I hope Dhanamanjuri University will harness its rich human resource potentials while not forgetting the ‘spirit and courage’ of our Founder, Maharani Dhanamanjuri.

By Marjing Mayanglambam

Once a group of colleges under the Manipur University (M.U), the Dhanamanjuri Colleges of Science, Arts and Humanities, since their establishments have brought significant achievements as well as recognition at a national level. Later on, community colleges and some other Colleges emerged providing various courses to the masses. Besides Arts and Humanities section, the Science section’s students had difficulties when they try to balance their artistic life alongside the sciences academic world. Anthropology Department however does help in their own limited power. Science disciples should only have a scientific endeavour is very wrongly conceptual when we look upon Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and many more.

The minimal rates of Hope emerged to a higher level when the Government of Manipur passed “The Dhanamanjuri University Bill” 2017 on the floor of the Manipur Legislative Assembly. Being a state university, the power of attractions for various level admissions increased tremendously. However, when the time of the Entrance Examination came, Manipur’s chaotic state came into force which led to many postponing events. After the results came out, selection processes were, smooth although some minor problems came and were eventually solved. After the completion, classes began even though there were confusions in the making of new Syllabuses dissimilar to the previous M.U system. Teaching staff were suffering, trying to solve the problems. What confused us was the position and works of a single Administrative Block that seemed to be missing from this New University. The administrative staff of the respective colleges needs to be organised into a single University administration and perform their functions. Moreover, they can supply sub-units of the administrative workers to each college. Dedicated services are what we deserve from them since they are not volunteer workers and needs to know their works most importantly. Security services are lacking behind at the Science’s section and giving utmost freedom to the students, which led to unwanted situations including in the future too.

Students from across the whole of Manipur, including other northeastern states, took part of the Dhanamanjuri University (DMU) with hearts filled with joys and promising hopes. Some lectures announced that we were either the Luckiest of the unluckiest batch of the premier varsity. Some exceptional students came to this historical temple just to pass or wait for the results of NEET, Agricultural Entrances, IT and such. If selected farewell was given and if not, they had to stay with their bad luck. I am rather shocked than surprised that many students including the above mentioned and others came to this University only when they had no other choices or for other pathetic reasons. Those who came with a strong determination and desire to study their favourite stream or subject were countable in numbers.

Common Rooms are very much essential for the student life and major relocation, as well as renovation, is urgently required. For the lavatories, the construction is very proper and neat while it is the users who wasted and destroyed the cleanliness as well as functions. Libraries are all well and do not need extra care except for more maintenances and addition plus up-gradation of books. Humans need food for survival and proper management of their times, so the betterment of their canteens in terms of the Educational field is very much necessarily important. The canteen owners can implement hygienic as well as reasonable prices of the snacks.

When it comes to the infrastructure of DMU, it is a saddened issue and needs huge reformations from the Manipur Government as well as the university itself. When they start the processes of developmental recreation, there is a major possibility of the varsity’s student’s inclusion in the works with the Student Union as the leading party. Other than these points, the University before its foundation created many prominent professionals in the Administrative section, Active services, Teaching works, etc. Moreover, is continuing to produce all such kinds of important individuals of the society.

I strongly agree that Dhanamanjuri University will give out more signals of hope through its potential resources and the people who run it. We must not forget the spirit and courage of our Founder, Maharani Dhanamanjuri. Let us pray that this shining star does not fade for generations to come. Learn, Labour and Serve

(This article was earlier published as part of the 66th Edition of the Annual Magazine 2018 – 2019 of Dhanamanjuri University)

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