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‘De Jure Manipur Government’ not informed of Samarjit’s return; Biren assumes additional charges

FILE: Narengbam Samarjit Singh

Even though Samarjit has not officially resigned, the De Jure Government has not provided any official works to him for quite some time, the De Jure Government of Manipur (Government-in-exile) said in a statement.

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De Jure Government of Manipur (Government-in-exile) chief minister Yambem Biren has assumed the “portfolios” previously held by Narengbam Samarjit including Foreign Affairs, Defence and Finance in-charge. As Samarjit did not contribute much, all the necessary “process” was progressing well under Biren, said a statement. 

The statement issued by Maibam Yumjao of the Department of Media of the De Jure Government of Manipur stated that the government-in-exile appreciated the work done by Samarjit during his brief stay in London. 

The government came to know of Samarjit’s intention to go back to Manipur due to “pressures” relating to Salai Holdings Private Limited from his social media posts. And as such, all the portfolios held by Samarjit were assumed by Biren by an official order on March 20, 2021, it stated. 

Although Samarjit did not inform Biren that he would be returning to Manipur, there was suspicion because of his “behaviours”. When asked to hand over the documents relating to the De Jure Government, Samarjit stalled them, it said. On March 24, 2021 at around 10:30 am (London local time), Biren talked to Samarjit over the phone, but no mention of his departure was made, it said and added that Samarjit’s arrest was known from the media. 

Even though Samarjit has not officially resigned, the De Jure Government has not provided any official works for quite some time. Samarjit’s return should not let the “hope” of the people down, the statement added. 

Narengbam Samarjit, founder of Salai group of companies was arrested at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi on March 25. He was traveling from London in an Air India flight that landed in Delhi at around 11.20 pm on March 24. Apparently, Samarjit was planning to fly out of Delhi and reach Imphal in another Air India flight scheduled to land at the Bir Tikendrajit International Airport on March 25 afternoon. 

In 2019, Samarjit, along with Yambem Biren, had formed the De-Jure Government of Manipur based in London after declaring Manipur’s independence from India. Since then, they have been taking asylum in London. Subsequently, the Manipur government registered a case in this connection which was later handed over to the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

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