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Controversies, clarifications surround Nagaland ULB-Town Elections


Khrozote Kapfo, a candidate of the INC against George Ayemi in the ensuing ULB elections from Ward No 8 in his clarification alleged that the council members and the GB had prevented him from conducting a campaign on June 19 which his fundamental right.

By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Correspondent

As the electioneering already heated up for the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), and the Town councils in the state of Nagaland, different political parties have geared up by organizing or calling on the people to vote for the right candidates as on fray.

Though marred by controversies in many of the ULB wards in the commercial hub of Dimapur, the Congress on Thursday morning saw throwing accusations at Netaji council chair, and the GB of allegedly disrupting the “door to door” campaign of a Congress candidate from Ward No 8, Khrozote Kapfo, who was also alleged of campaigning late night at Netaji Colony with many of his supporters thereby creating a fear psychosis amongst the residents which is mostly populated by non-Nagas.

This comes in the backdrop of the ensuing Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) and the town council elections which is due on June 26 across the state of Nagaland after a gap of 20 years.

Kapfo, a candidate of the INC against George Ayemi in the ensuing ULB elections from Ward No 8 in his clarification alleged that the council members and the GB had prevented him from conducting a campaign on June 19 which his fundamental right.

In his claim, Khrozote informed the media that he for many a times had attempted to meet the council members of the particular colony for several months for his campaigning plans but the council members or the officials did not respond after which he decided to start his “door to door” campaign keeping in mind that time was running out.

He also claimed that the said council members had pulled up his team and also questioned him for campaigning with supporters who were not residents of the ward.

Maintaining that he is a bonafide resident of Ward No 8, Medical Colony, Dimapur, born and raised from the colony and making himself a legitimate candidate to contest the ULB election from the ward, Kapfo also made it known that his campaign materials were destroyed or damaged by “unknown miscreants”.

Meanwhile, the Dimapur District Congress Committee (DDCC) president, Kutoho Chishi, while highlighting the scenario of the incident stated that though they haven’t filed any complaint against but suggested that the Circle Officer concerned intervened into the matter urgently with the candidate.

GB Netaji Colony clarifies on June 19 incident

Clarifying on the incident, the GB of the colony, N Lasuh, talking to media persons at his residence, Netaji Colony, Dimapur, informed that the council members of the colony since the past days and weeks has decided to prohibit “anyone” to campaign in large numbers within the colony citing reasons to maintain peaceful atmosphere within the colony.


Giving a feedback on the claim (s) of the Congress candidate from the ward for the ensuing ULB election in Dimapur, Lasuh reiterated that Kapfo was with about 10 to 15 youths during his “door to door” campaign within the colony which has caused a fear and sort of a threat amongst the residents mostly inhibited by non Nagas.

Also maintaining that the Congress party candidate might have misunderstood the council members’ notification with regard to its decision not to allow large gatherings be it any political parties or groups within the colony so by disrupting the very peaceful atmosphere of the colony, Lasuh also went on to add that the kind of scene also caused tension between the different political parties who are fielding its own candidates for the ULB election in the district.

Also talking to media persons, a council member of the colony, Boshito Ayemi, articulated that any of the council members does not entertain, endorse or has any leanings towards a particular candidate belonging to any party (s).

BJP candidate from Ward-6 to oversee development of his ward

Intending candidate from Ward No-6 V Khekato Awomi, who is contesting the ULB elections in Dimapur on Thursday said that his main priority if elected to the municipal would be to focus on development of his ward.

Addressing many of his supporters at the declaration cum dedication of his candidacy for the upcoming ULB election held Thursday night within the vicinity of Hotel Yak, Dimapur, the intending candidate who is on the run for the ULB seat in Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) under the banner of the BJP has also made known that his topmost priority would be given to much talked about sanitation problems faced by the residents of Dimapur.

A former candidate for the same election in 2010 which was cancelled due to uproar from the civil societies and the Nagas in particular due to the introduction of the 33 percent women reservation,  Awomi was a candidate from Ward No 10 then.

Expressing gratitude to H Tovihoto Ayemi, the sitting MLA and advisor, Nagaland, for reposing faith in him by issuing the BJP ticket in order to serve the people, V Khekato Awomi also made known his manifesto for the ensuing ULB elections which included ration card for all voters of his ward (Ward-6), easing trade license system for small business (resolving any pending issues), free ambulance service (24×7), proper sanitation and garbage handling, installation of street lights across the ward, free coaching for UPSC, NPSC, NEET, JEE for all meritorious students, formation of women Self Help Groups in every colony, promoting healthcare facility by launching health camps every three months, guaranteeing comprehensive free eye check-ups and optical, top priority of maintaining drains and lanes properly, installation of dustbins and implementation of proper waste management, free sanitary pads to every households, financial assistance to widows and handicapped persons, tackling mosquito menace (Dengue and Malaria), and regular supply of essential items to widows.


H Tovihoto Ayemi campaigns for V Khekato Awomi

Sitting MLA from Dimapur, and also the advisor department of tribal affairs and election, Nagaland, H Tovihoto Ayemi, on Thursday night while campaigning for the BJP candidate from Ward No 6, V Khekato Awomi, for the ensuing ULB elections in Dimapur has maintained that municipal and town councils are one of the most important bodies in the state working for the welfare of the residents or the people.

Having once donned the mantle of DMC’s top chair, Tovihoto reminded that though there were lapses in the municipal and town council elections since the past 20 years due to certain reasons, the Nagaland state government with consultations from certain quarters have decided to hold the elections on June 26 with 33 percent women reservations.

He said although there are many in the fray for the seats including women and some already declared elected unopposed, the works and the commitment made would be seen only after the declaration of the results though expecting the most candidates to have a vision and aspirations for the society.

He later went on to encouraged the voters to cast their precious votes irrespective of any party lines though asking them to elect the candidate from ward-6, Khekato, who since his youth days has been involved in social services.

Terming the candidate from the ward who is also an entrepreneur as “people centric” and accessible to all having a leadership quality, Tovihoto was optimistic that if elected, the BJP candidate from Ward No 6 would set an example in raising the very common issues faced by the people to the government and others.

Dr Kahuka Sema all set to “walk the talk” for the common

A doctor by profession, Dr Kahuka Sema, is all set to “walk the talk” by contesting the upcoming Dimapur ULB elections from Ward No 20.

To contest as an independent candidate, Dr Sema, during his candidature declaration cum prayer programme held on Thursday at government higher secondary school ground, United Colony, Nagarjan, Dimapur, disclosed that though coming from a medical background, he decided to contest the ensuing ULB elections in order to bridge the gap that the society has set up by ensuring that if elected, he has a vison to uplift the living condition of the people of his ward and beyond by ensuring that the basic problems faced including drainage and sanitation systems, electricity or power supply are looked into.

Also with a commitment that he would also focus on the road conditions, Dr Kahuka though felt that most of the intending candidates have manifested in their manifestos that their priority would be on especially drainage problems and other areas, he however is determined that all those are not promises but rather a responsibility and duty of the elected members to execute the same.

Stating that his opponent (s) could be more energetic in executing the unfulfilled works for the betterment of the ward, Dr Kahuka categorically encouraged for community’s participation by joining him into the quest for a better society which already has been mentioned his manifesto.

It may be mentioned that the ward No 20 comprising of six colonies saw four candidates from different political parties but only two remains in the fray after two candidates withdrew their candidature in support of the independent candidate, Dr Kahuka Sema.

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