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‘Consolidate unity’ to fight emerging enemy, says PREPAK (Pro); Observes 47th Raising Day of Red Army


The educated and criminal elites are attempting to heighten their baleful political demand by misleading and instigating bloodshed between the two communities, leading to loss of innocent lives.

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The proscribed People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (Progressive) or PREAPK (Pro) has appealed to the people to leave behind differences and stressed on the need to “consolidate our unity to fight the newly emerging enemy supported by powerful subordinated lobbies from inside and outside India”.

In a message forwarded to media houses, Longjam Paliba M, Chairman of PREPAK (Progressive) said that “servile attitude to Delhi” would eventually fragment Manipur and hence there is a necessity to resist scheme of “ethnic political triangle”. He added that Suspension of Operation (SoO) in Manipur” means suspension of organic survival of Manipur.

Observing the 47th Raising Day of the Red Army of PREPAK (Progressive) on Monday, Paliba also paid “revolutionary salute” to those who had sacrificed their lives while safeguarding the “motherland” in the prevailing conflict.

While sharing the grief and sorrow of those families affected by “injuries, harm, and missing of their love ones during this unfortunate crisis”, he expressed gratitude to those brave volunteers and women who are defending “our motherland”.

“My first appeal is that we the Meitei, leaving behind our disaccord, must consolidate our unity to fight the newly emerging enemy supported by powerful subordinated lobbies from inside and outside India. Knowing our strategic disadvantages in terms of location and sparse population, we must remember the quote of General George S Patton ‘The object of the war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his’. In other words we must highlight our battle plan so as to let others die more for their evil thinking”, said the PREPAK (Pro) chief.

He also stated that without knowing the toponymy of Manipur, media houses and fact-finding team from India would not comprehend the root-causes of the current crisis. “The origin and establishing history of now devastated villages would be helpful to identify who are the new settlers and indigenous villagers. The cultural and ritual history of Manipur clearly exhibits the interconnected wholeness of the forest of valley and surrounding hills. Those, who attempted to annihilate these facts, are exposed themselves as ‘other people’ to the soil as they don’t regard and intentionally misunderstand our aged old history”, said Paliba.

The PREPAK (Pro) chief also alleged that the current conflict was sparked off by syndicates of ‘Intellectual Terrorists’ who had been deviously educated by taking the support and benefit from the government and the missionaries. “These educated and criminal elites are attempting to heighten their baleful political demand by misleading and instigating bloodshed between the two communities costing innocent lives. They are acting like ‘Politicalised Ambulance Chasers’ who always seek the benefit of lawsuit to justify their factitious narratives and political demands, said Paliba.

The Indian administrators have been executing the electoral politics by imitating the once infamous British divisive policy, alleged the PREPAK (Pro) chief. He added that the “prejudiced policy such as the awarding excessive benefit to a particular community in view of vote-bank had sown the evil seed which grows to become the ‘Ethnic Frankenstein’”.

Paliba said that the existing “unfortunate and pervasive bloodshed is the outcome while combating the Delhi-adopted Frankenstein”. He also alleged that “Indian Occupation Forces, the oppressors of Meitei community popularly known as IOFs in short, are treated as ‘Indian Organising Force’ by the Zo-Kuki’s SoO groups”. He asserted that the duty of the people is now “obviously bound to fight against those who endeavour to fragment our motherland Manipur”.

The PREPAK (Pro) chief pointed out that the on-going crisis is “the war of truth as it is against those new settlers who have been attempting to hegemonize geo-economically inside our own motherland. The colonialist British earned a huge capital in Opium Trade, India followed suit in practice. India, only in the world is allowed to produce medicinal opium gum. If anybody spit on the soil of Manipur a beautiful flower or banana plant will spring up, and so, noticing such golden land, the big pharmaceutical companies along with central forces might have undertaken the poppy plantation, who knows?”, asked Paliba.

He also said that Narco-terrorism is not a new buzzword and it was effectively used by the British colonialist. “Later, India has weaponized it in internal colonization. In real sense, the so-called ‘SoO’ is now becoming the ‘Suspension of organism of Manipur’ with the objective of chalking out the ethnic-based political triangle which needs to be resisted strongly”, said Paliba.

The PREPAK (Pro) chief reminded that the ‘World Order’ led by the then superpower British were challenged with Anglo-Manipuri War and Two Nupi Laan in Manipur. These two events embarrassed the British, and so they always wanted to oppress and revenge the Meiteis. Without a deep understanding the ethos and body politics of WESEA’s people, the British had written obsolete Secret Administrative Book of “ways and means of administering of each ethnicity”, pointed out Paliba. He said that the same ways had been accepted by as the holy book and argued that this may be the reason why the Indian Constitution has belittled the Meiteis.

“The contribution of Manipur for India is innumerable. Today, Hindu Indian forgets that the invaders in India had driven out many Brahmin, who were welcomed and allowed to settle in Manipur. The Indian leaders failed to give attention that the Ras Lila, Nat-Sanskritan, Vishnu temple in Lamangdong, the Meitei Hindu’s temple of Nabadwip and Brindavan were already there before Christianity reached Manipur”, pointed out Paliba.

“Anglicised Jawaharlal Nehru disparaged the Meiteis as being obsessed with dance and music, ignorant of administrative knowledge. He even felt that Meitei would not complain even the boundary are depleted. India has been despising us far too long knowing the fact that during the recent student protest Central forces heavily used tear gas, stun bomb and splinter bullet to cause bloodshed, as if they are playing with red powder and crackers in their festival and marriage ceremony. This is the reason why the insurgents don’t trust India” stated Paliba.

Paliba said that blaming each other is Indian political conventional wisdom and Meiteis are now more inclined to play the blame-game. He stressed that “Meitei political idiots should wake up from addictive Indian political system, to stand firmly with people by stopping the habituated journey of ‘political pilgrimage to Delhi’”. He added that the armed groups and the public should not follow the strategy of weakening and fragmenting Manipur.

The PREPAK (Pro) chief said that his party has noticed the fact that there are “unavoidable objectives and means in accordance with reality”. Some intellectuals also made emotional appeal so as to “start peace-talk process” for a politically strong Manipur. “Their expression is nothing wrong as it apparently comes out of fizzle and non-achievement of the hitherto 50 years of armed struggle. However, we are the ‘outlaws’ and small in numbers comparatively; the question is how far the Indian government has taken the acceptance of the justified democratic demands of the majority people on the existing crisis? And so, let us wait for panacea and exemplary answer”, said Paliba.

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