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Nagaland: Kohima sensitization programme on Covid-19 testing and vaccination concludes

Tongpang Ozukum speaking at the culmination programme on COVID-19 testing and vaccination on Friday. (DPRO Kohima)

Nagaland has recorded the highest death rate in Northeastern states and is way behind in testing and vaccination says Tongpang Ozukum

By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Special Correspondent

Nagaland’s PWD Minister and Independent legislator, Tongpang Ozukum, who is also minister in-charge of Kohima district for COVID-19 on Friday said that during the first wave, along with AKMWP and the 19 constituents ward leaders, the state government and the district administration was able to confine the virus.
He disclosed this at the concluding function of the sensitization programme on Covid-19 testing and vaccination at DPDB conference hall, Kohima, where the Kohima District Task Force along with apex organizations and leaders of the wards of Kohima held the 6th-day campaign of testing and vaccination which started on July 16 covering the Northern, Southern, Western, Tseminyu area and Kohima Municipal areas.
He lauded them for their selfless sacrifices for being supportive and cooperative in the pandemic since the previous year, however, he said in the midst of the second wave viewing the people response the impact of negativity resulting in non-cooperation to the government is becoming a cause for concern.
The minister stated that Nagaland state has recorded the highest death rate in Northeastern states and is way behind in testing and vaccination and the way the virus is spreading, it will soon become the most dominant strain which would pose an inevitable third wave of Corona, therefore he called upon all the leaders to enlighten the people and share the positive message of vaccination and testing.
Tongpang said that weekly cases continue to surge in several villages people and widespread testing is necessary, important, and achievable, Covid 19 testing is the key to getting back to normal since it is recognized that almost all the infections are transmitted by people who are not showing any symptoms, identifying infected individuals while they are asymptomatic would play a major role in containing the virus therefore infected person are encouraged to disclose themselves to end the foreseeable 3rd wave of Covid.
Ozukum later appealed to all the right-thinking citizen to use their fundamental rights wisely and perform their duties and responsibility towards oneself and others and added that Kohima being equipped with the best medical team and facilities, challenged the administration and various civil organizations to take advantage of it and put more efforts to contain the virus so that this sensitization campaigns would pose a positive picture in the minds of the public.
Advisor for Technical Education & Election, Medo Yhokha, in his note of appreciation lauded the Minister in-charge as well as the apex organizations for the initiative and contributing in responding to the situation prevailing now by taking extraordinary preventive measures.
He mentioned that the unlock phases have been initiated not because of the declination of the virus but by sheer necessity and as we enter in the 3rd wave, the real challenge is expected.
“People should be accountable therefore I appealed all the wards to implement the SOPs sternly and abide by the laws penned down by the Government hence, expelling the authority to re-endorse another harsh lockdown if the thread of covid virus rises up,” Yhokha added.
In these trying times, he requested the leaders to be an example and by sharing the positive message of testing and vaccination which could keep all safe against the virus and beyond.
Deputy Commissioner, Kohima, Gregory Thejawelie, said that “Covid” is here and it is here to live with all and for that reason, one has to learn to co-exist.
Stating that the pandemic has dramatically changed the lives of people and had an unprecedented impact on the healthcare, economic, and financial systems, Thejawelie said the access to Covid vaccines is critical to ending the COVID-19 pandemic.
He said that earlier during the pandemic, there was not enough capacity and limited supplies which resulted in delays, he, however, added that lab equipment has improved, capacity and supply of vaccines have expanded so it is easy for the public to access medical facilities.
He also highlighted on the importance of Covid appropriate behaviour, testing and vaccination and added that masks alone do not protect against COVID-19 but should be combined with physical distancing and hand hygiene.
Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Kohima, Dr Vezokholu Theyo, in a brief note on awareness generation, emphasized on the three objectives to break the chain of transmission the Covid appropriate behaviours, the testing and the vaccination.
Dr Theyo also stated disclosing one’s Covid status and calling in advance allows the healthcare providers to quickly direct them to the right health facility to protect and prevent the spread of viruses.
She further appealed to all not to spread misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines by stating that insufficient knowledge and contradictory information about the transmission of Covid could make people uncertain and make them believe in biased and vague information.
Later in the day Minister, Tongpang Ozukum, Advisor Medo Yhokha, other Health officers had a briefing with the media.

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