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ASUK announces ‘total shutdown’ on Republic Day


Medical services, religious rituals, news media and emergency services would be exempted from the purview of the shutdown.

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Alliance for Socialist Unity, Kangleipak (ASUK), a group comprising of two proscribed outfits has announced a ‘total shutdown’ on January 26, India’s Republic Day from 6 am to 6 pm. The alliance has appealed to the people to support the shutdown. However, medical services, religious rituals, news media and emergency services would be exempted from the purview of the shutdown.
In a press statement, ASUK reminded that India adopted the world’s longest constitution on January 26, 1950 and established a Republic. On this day, all Indians and those who support the Republic had been observing the day with countrywide celebrations. However, for the people WESEA and Kangleicha, this is a day when they hide under the shameful feelings of enslavement and shame, claimed ASUK.
ASUK recalled that three years before India adopted its constitution, Manipur Constitution Act 1947 was already in force after it was adopted on July 26 of 1947. Under this constitution, Manipur held its first National Assembly Election in 1948. Manipur State Assembly was promulgated on October 18, 1948 wherein a coalition government was established led by a political party called ‘Praja Shanti’.
The alliance pointed out that the democratic election was held with real citizens of Manipur participating in the event, thus Manipur became the first ever people’s sovereign state in the whole of South East Asia. Unfortunately, Manipur was annexed by India on October 15, 1949 and made into a Part-C State. “Did Manipur join India on its own accord with a plebiscite or referendum? There were a few people who wanted that Manipur be merged with India but the ruling coalition led by Praja Shanti on March 23, 1949 submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister of India and Congress President clearly stating that almost cent per cent of the Manipuris are against integration or merging will be clear from a referendum. In a public meeting on August 3, 1949, Praja Shanti resolved that Rule (under Manipur Constitution Act, 1947 ) cannot be abolished and the state cannot be integrated or merged”, said ASUK.
“This show that neither the neither the responsible government of Manipur nor its people discussed or consented to the merger or annexation of Manipur. Moreover, a Part-C State is lower in status that a Union Territory and almost equivalent to an Indian District. Manpur got its statehood in 1972. And this was truly an insult to the people who had a written history over 2000 years”, rued ASUK.
“What has been the condition of Manipur under India in the last 75 years? Right now, we are surviving in areas identified as Buffer Zone/Red Line/Laxman Rekha unable to move. This is India’s way of stating that the people of Manipur cannot be Indians and even more clearer than the voices of the people that they are not Indians”, asserts ASUK pointing out that currently India is treating as if Manipur people are not their citizens.
ASUK further added that “today, India cannot provide safety and security to its citizens nor safeguard their properties despite that fact that India has been a adopting a democratic constitution since 1950. India’s Prime Minister has been keeping silent and seems to be watching what is being unfolded in Manipur since May 3, 2023. It should be recalled that in 1962, during Sino-Indo War, the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru also in a radio broadcast said “I pity for the peoples of Assam”.
“Today, we have no other option but to stand on our own feet in our own land. The currently given situation further points to the the urgent need for the restoration of the Mannipur’s status in 1948 as a Nation State. This could be the only option we have”, asserted ASUK and stated that this is also why the people of Manipur should be boycotting India’s Republic Day.

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