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An appeal to Manipur government from a grieving daughter

Late Dr Thiyam Suresh Singh

Thiyam Deepa, the daughter of former medical director Dr Thiyam Suresh Singh, who died on May 23 due to Covid-19 at Babina Specialty Hospital at Sajiwa, underlines the need for a dedicated hospital for coronavirus-infected elderly people

I am calling for the attention of Manipur Government to kindly take considerations and arrange one hospital (private or government) dedicated only to taking care of covid positive senior citizens above 60 years of age with or without underlying diseases as they need special extra help and care. It should be only under the supervision and guidance of special Covid-19 task medical experts with close coordination with patients’ family members directly.

We struggled to get updates on how my father was being treated. Even though we trusted Babina Specialty Hospital at Sajiwa with full support and best care of my late father, we had to message nurses, doctors, call hospital receptionists inside- outside for updates ourselves. We feared if we called too much or messaged too much, nurses or doctors might get annoyed with us and they might not treat my father properly (our personal thoughts).

Their body at this age is not the same as young adults and their deteriorated mental health needs more special attention. There is no public trust as of now that once admitted to hospital, aged parents won’t return back. It has been proven true in my case also. My father didn’t come back home anymore. Our hope has gone and lost. If trust can be bridged with patients’ family, I am sure many will come forward to get admitted in early stage itself without delay of home treatment. I would like to press on this TRUST to be there. It is only possible if transparency of treatment procedures, medicines, diet, steaming, physical activity, breathing exercises etc is shown to public interest by those health care professionals. We rely on them as we buy their services with the best interest.

Many cases have arisen now in Manipur. Many senior citizens of 60+ years succumbed due to post-covid complications such pneumonia, cardiac arrest, pulmonary thromboembolism etc. This happened while they were about to get discharged from the hospital after showing significant improvement. Where are the hospitals going wrong? It is not only one or two cases. In fact something isn’t really right.

Since those deceased patients’ medical records can help guide us to avoid further loss of lives if projected and utilised in the right way, the government health department should look into this matter personally now and step up for more careful consideration of senior positive patients.

My father was a very strong man. His will power was extremely high. We still lost him after 16 days of admission to Babina due to pulmonary thromboembolism as per Dr Dhabali, MD Babina group. It is extremely unfortunate that we are losing experts, scholars, and important people who have once contributed to the best of our society.

Actions taken up now without any further delay might help us save many more lives today. This humble request comes from grieving daughters and family who are still trying to cope with the fact that we won’t be able to hear the voice of our loving late father anymore. He has been silenced forever. 

Thiyam Deepa

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