Allow dairy services during total curfew

By FrontierManipur | Published On 18th Jul, 2021, 11:52 GMT+0530

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Sinam Brojen , Thangmeiband Sinam Leikai

Concern for the surging infection of Covid-19 by our honorable CM is noteworthy. However, certain criteria, which should be exempted, have been found left out.


1. Milk is an indispensable food for all for its wholeness in nutrition. It is an essential food particularly for babies, elderly and patients

2. Daily milking of cows is necessary. It cannot be preponed nor postponed as cows will suffer from a serious disease.

3. Milk cannot be stored under normal conditions.  Farmers don’t have chilling or processing facilities. They have to send their milk to the Dairy Plant.

4. Farmers will suffer greatly in their earnings if milk is not sold out. It is not a lucrative venture, like any other trade. A high investment and low return, that too uncertain.

Farmers’ sufferings will be worse than the pandemic. The family economy will be shattered.

5. In other states, milk supply and distribution is exempted from curfew or lockdown.

N. B. Inclusion of Service of milk supply in the unrestricted list of curfew order should be considered and it will be highly appreciated.

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