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A good-hearted Thai Lady’s journey to Manipur

Maynumpetch. Photo Credit:

Maynumpetch wishes the best for Manipur. She exhibits a rare sense of admiration for the Land of Jewels that would be the envy of many who are truly captivated by the variegated culture of the state.  

By Marjing Mayanglambam

I am truly honored to have known Maynumpetch. Just as Louise Lightfoot admired the beauty of Manipur’s art and culture, she was genuinely charmed by Manipuri dance as she pursued her bachelor’s degree in Thailand. Maynumpetch’s inspiration made her discover more about Manipur. She eventually discovered the uncanny resemblance and similarities of certain cultural traits between the people of Manipur and Thailand. As she became familiar with the connections, she wanted to visit Manipur. Owing to her utmost dedication, devotion, and love for the land of jewels, she finally reached Manipur in 2015.

Maynumpetch graduated from Visva Bharati Santiniketan University in Drama and Theatre Arts. Who is Maynumpetch? Well, I am not the only person eager to know her, but as far as I know, she hails from Bangkok. She has a younger sister and many cousins who all grew up together in the beautiful land of Thailand. I may add that she is a very engaging and hard-working lady, and has lots of fans and acquaintances not only from Manipur but also from the Northeastern region of India.

I also questioned myself about the mythological belief about the aromatic black rice, which we Manipuris believed came from Thailand. (Poireiton Chak-Hao) It could be a mere coincidence, historical occurrence, or folklore, but Manipur and Thailand have many cultural links, starting with art, culture, and food habits.

Maynumpetch also got her motivation to travel from another compatriot. She developed the idea to make Vlogs even though she had no much knowledge about YouTube back then. She felt a lot like home whenever she came to Manipur because of the people, the food, and the environment. And thinks that Manipur is like her second home. There is this deep feeling inside her that deeply connects her with Manipur. She is always longing to visit this small mountainous land dotted with a unique single valley.

Her honest response when I asked about the people of the state, was that there are so many people from Manipur, which is uncountable, who had indeed helped her in many ways. Beyond Manipur, she has also visited various states of Northeast India, and her passion has burnt like a wildfire in India as a whole.

Maynumpetch is a lovely person. And nobody would ever say or feel negative about her. My humble textual portrayal of Maynumpetch may sound like an elementary exaggeration, but these words are too little for such a priceless soul.

I have not met her in real life, but I can say with pride that she is indeed a shining gem who cares for Manipur so genuinely as if she were born and raised amidst the misty hills and dales of this land.

She always prays for peace and prosperity of Manipur and India. She cannot be who she is right now without the support of us in India. She has been expressing her gratitude to us and praying for peace, stability, and development to prevail in Manipur. Her videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are so wonderfully crafted that I even approached her for this short article one and a half years ago but could not publish it due to many reasons. However, this year, I believe that Maynumpetch’s peace and loving message will surely bring a change to Manipur and all of India.

“Praying for everyone to stay happy and spread love.” – Maynumpetch

(Marjing Mayanglambam is a Pena Balladeer from Manipur, India)

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