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90 candidates take part in KCP passing-out ceremony; dismisses ‘Anglo-Kuki’ war history


KCP conducted basic military training for the Special Tactical Militia Unit, which was recently conceptualized and established by the Party’s Politburo Standing Committee, with the central idea of promoting and imparting defensive military tactics and discipline so that they can play an “effective role in defending the territorial sanctity and integrity of Kangleipak”.

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The proscribed Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP) has held the passing-out ceremony of the SIGMA batch of the party’s newly established special tactical militia unit on the ocassion of “athouba singi numit”.

In a statement issued by M Punsiba Meitei, Deputy Secretary, Information & Public Relations Department, KCP said that it has conducted a basic military training programme for the Special Tactical Militia Unit, which was recently conceptualized and established by the Party’s Politburo Standing Committee, with the central idea of promoting and imparting particularly
defensive military tactics and discipline to as many compatriots of Kangleipak as possible so that they can play an
effective role in defending the territorial sanctity and integrity of Kangleipak”.

This batch of the Special Tactical Militia Unit, called the Sigma Batch, consists of 90 cadets, who have successfully
undergone the basic Military training and are, therefore, expected to be able from now onwards to discharge their
responsibilities towards the defence of the territorial sanctity and integrity of Kangleipak, said KCP.

During the Passing-Out Ceremony of the Sigma Batch of the Special Tactical Militia Unit, which coincided with the
Patriots Day of Kangleipak (August 13), all the cadets took the oath to defend the territorial sanctity and integrity of Kangleipak under all circumstances, “with all of them also solemnly committing themselves to even making the supreme sacrifice for the sake of Kangleipak! Moreover, the brave sons of Kangleipak who had made the supreme sacrifice for the sake of the nation were fondly remembered at the ceremony, with vibrant petals of flowers offered to the departed souls as a mark of respect.”

On the successful completion of the basic military training by the Sigma Batch, the Chairman of the Party’s Politburo
Standing Committee, Ibungo Ngangom, expressed his unqualified confidence in the indomitable courage and
fighting spirit of not only the Sigma Batch but also the indigenous people of Kangleipak, said the statement.

“Considering the real and present threats posed by the narco-terrorist elements flourishing particularly in the Kuki-
dominated hills of Kangleipak under the patronage of certain politically powerful individuals of dubious origin, the Party
has already taken a resolute stand to respond to these threats in the most befitting manner. Since the Party also views
the non-regulated narcotics trade as a severe form of crime against humanity, it is also determined to deal with it with an
iron hand, irrespective of community, religion, caste, sex, etc. that those involved may belong to”, said KCP.

Coming to the present inter-community conflict raging through Kangleipak, KCP opined that “it as an existential threat to
Kangleipak arising out of a well-planned strategy of certain expansionist communal forces to grab the sacred land of
Sngieinax, which will, however, be defended and protected at any cost. As it is all too clear now, gullible and innocent
people belonging to the Kuki-Zo community have been grossly misled and “misused” by divisive communal forces such
as the so-called Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum, formed and led by suspected illegal foreign immigrants and funded by
the narco-terrorist elements, which are behind the deforestation of swathes of forest areas of Kangleipak and also the
widespread cultivation of poppies”.

“What is also very worrisome is the fact that the narco-terrorist elements and divisive communal forces have hired and
deployed some pseudo-intellectuals to manufacture false historical narratives vis-a-vis Kangleipak in general and the Kuki
-Zo community in particular. The historically baseless narrative of the so-called Anglo-Kuki War 1917-1919 is a glarin
example of how these pseudo-intellectuals have sought to plant counterfactual elements in the globally revered recorde
history of Kangleipak. In order to counter such counterfactual narratives, which are intended to legitimize the illegitimate
aspirations of those shameless, territorially expansionist and divisive communal forces, who should and will be defeated
at any cost, a comprehensive research into the history of the so-called Anglo-Kuki War 1917-1919 has also been
undertaken under the direct supervision of Sir Ibungo Ngangom”, said the statement.

The KCP has found that:

1. There is no mention at all of anything called “Anglo-Kuki War” anywhere in the records of the UK National Archives.
However, in an abstract from “the proceedings of the Chief Commissioner of Assam,” 1920, ref. Mss Eur E325/13, held by
British Library: Asian and African Studies, the term “Kuki Rising” is mentioned and only briefly described.

2. The online presence of the term “Anglo-Kuki War” can be traced only back to 16 August 2017, on which an article in first mentioned about the term in question. So it can be safely concluded that “Anglo-Kuki War” is a freshly
minted term arising out of the need for the Kuki-Zo community to invent a historical excuse for grabbing the land of other
communities rather than any reliable academic research.

3. The first-ever book dealing with theme of the so-called Anglo-Kuki War 1917-1919 was published by Taylor and Francis
only on 31 August 2018 under the title of “The Anglo-Kuki War 1917-1919: A Frontier Uprising Against Imperialism During
the First World War,” edited by Jangkhomang Guite and Thongkhomang Haokip.

4. On 1 January 2013, a book entitled “Anglo-Kuki Relationship from 1849 to 1937 and Other Essays,” written by late
Biographer Thangkhomang S. Gangte and edited by Priyadarshni M. Gangte, both Kuki scholars, was published by Ruby
Press & Co. Interestingly, the so-called Anglo-Kuki War is referred to as “Kuki Rebellion” in this book.

KCP claimed that these results technically confirm the fact that the term “Anglo-Kuki War” is itself a serious academic fabrication of recent origin intended to lend some legitimacy to the unscrupulous designs of certain divisive communal forces and narco-terrorist elements operating in Kangleipak.

Though the ongoing inter-community conflict has already caused a high degree of distrust and hatred between the Meetei/Meitei community and the Kuki-Zo community, the Kangleipak Communist Party acknowledges the fact that both
the communities have a shared future that can either have peaceful coexistence, mutual respect and socio-economic
progress or mistrust, hate and belligerence, depending on how honestly and pragmatically the ongoing bloody conflict is
resolved. Given this inevitable fate of the two communities, both sides must endeavour to identify the actual enemies in
our midst and cooperate in eliminating them with the utmost force, said the KCP statement.

“Another grim reality that the Party would like to remind the people of Kangleipak is that this sacred land has now come to
be treated as an important political battlefield between the ruling BJP-led NDA and the Opposition forces under the
banner of the so-called INDIA, wherein the recent happenings in Kangleipak have been deeply poiticised at the cost of the
Meetei/Meitei community so as to gain some political mileage in the run-up to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections of India.
The planned recent release of a video of an unfortunate and shameful incident involving two Kuki sisters is an example of
how low the political forces of India can stoop just for the sake of some political gain. Furthermore, we have to remain
vigilant against the Indian political puppets operating in Kangleipak who may seek to aggravate the already grave
situation by causing a communal flare-up between the Meetei/Meitei community and the Manipuri Muslims. So if any
unfortunate incident involving the members of the two communities should ever arise, it must be treated only as a
persamel or localized issue so that any intercommunity spark can be extinguished before it leads to another conflagration
or nothing”, asserted KCP.

The party has allleged that that many innocent people of Kangleipak have suffered unprecedented brutalities at the hands of narco-terrorist elements and other well-armed Kuki-Zo groups. So the Kangleipak Communist Party under the Chairmanship of Sir Ibungo Ngangom will continue to undertake special tactical operations against these anti-Kangleipak groups, which have come to pose an existential threat to Kangleipak.

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