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69th AKM general conference at Akhoya village culminates

AKM Newly Elected Office Bearers

Two of the many resolutions adopted at the conference include setting up of an UPSC aspirant trust fund for which the Akhoya Students’ Union donated a sum of Rs 5 lakhs. It was further resolved to conduct conclaves, in consonance with the theme of the conference “Education in Praxis”.

By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Correspondent

The 69th Ao Kaketshir Mungdang (AKM) general conference which began January 18 culminated on Friday (January 20) evening at Akhoya village, Mokokchung, with its former president, Molung Aier, as the valedictory guest.
Molung Aier, in his address challenged the students to prove that the concept of “clean election” without falling into corruption and participating in the upcoming election in “true sense” of choosing good leadership.
“If the student community upholds the true concept of clean election, there is a way to achieve the slogan as aspired by the people,” he said. Aier further encouraged the students to practically follow the adage “Education in Praxis” by becoming self-reliant and also challenged the student to become a self-reliant community by 2029, the year AKM will be celebrating its Centenary.
In the last session of the conference, a new team of office bearers for the tenure 2023-2026 were nominated, and elected Lanutoshi Aier of Lirmen village as the president, Onenpong, vice-president (Kinunger), Satemmongba, general secretary (Akhoya), Pangjungkaba, assistant general secretary (Chungtiayimsen), Lanulemba Longchar, education secretary (Sungratsü), Ayimakum Aier (Longjang) finance secretary, Imnayachet Mollier, culture secretary (Mongchen), Temlangsangba, sports secretary (Longkhum), and Bendangnangba, information secretary (Chungtiayimsen).
Meanwhile, among the many resolutions passed by the house, the AKM adopted two major decisions which included setting up of an UPSC aspirant trust fund for which the Akhoya Students’ Union donated a sum of Rs 5 lakhs.
The AKM further resolved to conduct conclaves, in consonance with the theme of the conference “Education in Praxis” in which the conclaves would be held focusing on “Entrepreneurship, Career Guidance, Research Development & Innovation, Financing and Job Mela”. An app will also be developed which will guide the students in the same area of interests.

‘Naga society fragmented into pieces’ says G Kaito Aye

Kaito Aye

Nagaland minister for Agriculture and Cooperation, G Kaito Aye, on January 19 has asserted that Naga society has been broken into pieces not because of hate or dislike for each other but due to various reasons.
G Kaito Aye was addressing the second day morning session of the 69th AKM general conference at Akhoya
village, Mokokchung. According to him, unity is the only strength for the Naga people and that now it was time for the Naga
youths and student community to come together as one.
Stating that time has emerged for all to come together as everyone is struggling with all “forces”, the agriculture minister has mentioned that the Ao tribe being as a strong community urged them to be at the “forefront” and take the lead as Nagas are at “crossroads”.
On ENPO’s demand for separate statehood, Aye shared that let this be translated into the “same side of the coin” where the Nagas are not marginalized and divided again but could be together as one. “I think the Government of India will come to a rescue, let us help each other, if we closed our relationship we all will be singled out as helpless people without support,” he said and cautioned that the Nagas should be very careful at this juncture. He also said that students are stakeholders of tomorrow; therefore, should be prepared to face what would be coming ahead of them. He later released the 69th AKM general conference souvenir.
Also, speaking at the conference, Naga Student’s Federation (NSF) president, Kegwayhun Tep, said that Ao Naga has always remained the “vanguard” in upholding the Naga identity be it in the political, educational, social and cultural fabrics.
He also claimed that since the inception of NSF, AKM has remained one of the most vital cornerstones in the historic, yet difficult journey of the NSF and further appealed to the AKM that together as a federation we shall continue to be the driving force leading each other for a just peaceful and prosperous Naga future.
No doubt, Tep said decrees are important in education, but opined that unless you are able to able to apply your knowledge into practice you are nothing more than a mere decree-holder, a liability, and a burden to society.
Eastern Nagaland Student’s Fedration (ENSF), Chingmak Chang, termed that the Ao community who was once
at the “pinnacle” has become average and called upon the community to “wake up” from their “hibernation” and lead forward.

President, Ao Senden, Chubawati Longchar, while addressing the student’s community in the programme advised the students to take a decision on what kind of skills, education, games, and sports they want to pursue instead of following other trends where they don’t have the talents and the ability to do so.
The Ao Kaketshir Mungdang (AKM) or the Ao Students’ Conference, the apex body of the Ao student’s body kick started its 69th general conference hosted by the Akhoya village on January 18, which saw Nagaland minister for housing and mechanical, Tongpang Ozukum, attending as the inaugural guest.
Advisor, Industries and Commerce, Nagaland, Imnatiba, also exhorted the attendees while president, Central Nagaland Association (CNSA), R Sunup Pongen, greeted the gatherings on behalf of its association.
The opening ceremony of the conference was presented by Akhoya ShisaluyimerTelongjem. Rev T Lanu, Pastor, Akhoya Baptist Church, led the delegates for a devotion and prayer. Akhoya Putu Menden gave the welcome address while Onenpong, Information and Publicity secretary gave a brief introduction where he mentioned that 1357 delegates from six ranges and 18 sub-units and five colleges in Mokokchung district were attending the conference.

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