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43 police personnel suspended under NDPS Act: DGP Nagaland


Departmental inquiry on 20 personnel was pending and that decent number of people had been arrested on extortion cases from within the state since the last couple of months

By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Correspondent

Director General of Police (DGP), Nagaland, Rupin Sharma, on Wednesday said that the Nagaland police have put 43 police personnel on suspension under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS).
Informing this to media persons at a press conference held at PHQ, Kohima, Rupin Sharma disclosed that out of the 43 suspended police personnel, 23 personnel were given quantum of punishment under the NDPS Act wherein one was given compulsory retirement, seven dismissed from service, nine were awarded stoppage of two years of increment with cumulative effect and suspension period , three with one year increment down with cumulative effect and suspension period and one each personnel awarded with rank down with cumulative effect for three years, one year increment down with cumulative and suspension period treated as not on duty respectively.
He also informed that departmental inquiry on 20 personnel was pending.
Rupin Sharma said that the department has arrested decent number of people on extortion cases from within the state since the last couple of months and that the everybody should laud the police personnel as they are proactively searching for the people who are indulging in it.
He later launched an App for extortion and drugs to enable people to help the Nagaland police.
Also highlighting on the recent viral video of Nagaland police personnel being supplied with sub-standard boots that surfaced in the social media, DGP, Nagaland, Rupin Sharma, said that if any of the jawans or staff have any grievances, it should be addressed to the department instead of going directly to the media as the department has mechanism where such issues could be addressed.
In this regard, he said whosoever has posted it in the social media was wrong in the first place as the jawan or staff could have addressed it to the department and added that the issue which was raised need to be addressed.
Stating that what PHQ has come to know was that the rations and supply of uniform articles was a continues process based on requirements sent by the units and the departments’ own assessment, the DGP also said that sometimes, the items remain undistributed for various reasons and what the department has ascertained was that the latest supply of the shoes (boots) in these case was that the department received it sometime this year which was cleared by the line committees in August and distributed thereafter.
He said that the new or fresh supply of the items in question also went viral has made the department understand that there is a problem and it has made him realized that certain perishable items or commodities like shoes if they are kept in stores for a longtime especially when the climate is humid, the sole or leather just wears off, and so the department is currently not casting aversions to anyone as it is wrong on the part of the department.
Meanwhile, Rupin Sharma said that in order to make things better for the department and for the supplies, he along with his officers had a detailed consultation at the PHQ and added that the department would try to improve few things by taking an exercise of the existing stocks and has requested/directed the unit commanders not to supply perishable items from the old stocks as the department doesn’t want a confusion.
Further, he requested all jawans and officers that if they find any problem, they should address it to the department as it might be possible that some sample or the entire items maybe bad.

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