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Supporter of KPA candidate lodges complaint against ZRA cadres


Paumuanthang, a supporter of KPA candidate wondered how the alleged ZRA cadres who are under the Suspension of Operation (SOO) with the government, can loiter around with full arms and terrorise the innocent public with impunity.

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As the election campaign reached fever pitch for the upcoming state general election in Manipur, reports of poll related violence continue to rise from different parts of the state.

Paumuanthang s/o (L) Letkhothang of Singngat HQ Veng lodged a complaint at the Singngat Police Station. As narrated by him, at around 10:30 pm on February 16, some alleged armed cadres of ZRA from the designated camp near Teikot village, came to him with three vehicles (2 Bolero, 1 pick-up van) at his residence. One of the armed cadres allegedly pointed a pistol at his head and warned him of dire consequences if he continued to support the KPA candidate and then fired his gun in the air. As they left the house, the same group opened three rounds of fire within the house’s yard.

Paumuanthang wondered how the ZRA cadres who are under the Suspension of Operation (SOO) with the government, can loiter around with full arms and terrorise the innocent public with impunity. He further wondered how the Assam Rifles stationed at Singhat can merely remain a mere spectator while the public shiver in fear. He urged the concerned authority to book Mr Nathan, the ZRA cadre and his cohorts as soon as possible as per the Law of the land. Complainant Paumuanthang also submitted a 9mm cartridge to the police station while making his complaint.

As per sources, BJP workers of 60-Singhat (ST) AC, after creating troubles and allegedly threatening the KPA workers at Muallum village, Singhat Sub-division of Churachandpur district on the intervening night of February 15, they allegedly attempted to disrupt the peaceful public meeting program of the Kuki People’s Alliance (KPA) at Singngat Public Ground situated under the nose of the Assam Rifles Post, on February 16.

Before the public meeting began, volunteers of the BJP candidate led by some armed cadres who are under SoO with the government purportedly opened few rounds of blank-fire at Singngat (Singhat) village to scare away the potential attendants of the KPA public meeting coming from Singngat and the surrounding villages.

According to the attendants of KPA meeting from the ground, at around 11 am, two to three vehicles (Scorpio) carrying volunteers of the BJP candidate rushed to Singngat Public Ground and attempted to burn down the hall and banner of KPA meeting using kerosene, petrol and sacks. However, the workers of KPA confronted and prevented them from doing so. Then the BJP volunteers left the scene.

On their way about 100 meters from Singngat Police Station, they opened fire in the air near the gate of Mr. Lampau, the president of the United Zou Organisation-Singngat Block. Later, four empty-cases and one live bullet were found at the scene.

Apart from the incumbent MLA Ginsuanhau Zou of the (BJP), T. Hangkhanpau of the Janata Dal (United), Tuankhan kiamlo Hangzou of the Indian National Congress and Chinlunthang of the Kuki People’s Alliance are in the fray in Singhat AC which goes to poll in the first phase on February 28.

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