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Stop making students scapegoat: Six student bodies to FEGOCTA

File photo of FEGOCTA members on a sit-in protest.

The Manipur government should shed away the habit of resolving issues only after an upheaval, said AIMS, AMSU, DESAM, KSA, MSF, and SUK.

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Six major student bodies of the state have slammed the recent announcement by the Federation of Government College Teachers’ Associations (FEGOCTA) to resume agitations over the 7th UGC Pay & Regulation, 2018 issue as unjustified and urged the teachers’ association to knock on the court’s door to settle the issue.

FEGOCTA has recently warned of online classes and examinations boycott if the state government does not issue orders for the 7th UGC Pay & Regulation, 2018 by June 30.

In a joint release on Thursday, the six student bodies — AIMS, AMSU, DESAM, KSA, MSF, and SUK — said that the announcement has mentally disturbed the student community.

Stating that the decision might have been taken after the Manipur government broke their commitments to the college teachers repeatedly, the student bodies urged the college teachers not to affect the students by their agitations.

Instead of resolving to make students the “soft-target” while demanding something from the government, they should go to the court and fight legally, the joint release asserted and added that the recent decision by the teachers association is illogical and self-contradictory.

The release further said that it was not rational for the college teachers to snatch away the rights of the students while trying to fight for their rights. They should know that in the past the examinations for the first and third semesters were not conducted on time due to the strikes of the teachers, the student bodies asserted.

The student bodies maintained that the decision of FEGOCTA to agitate during the raging COVID-19 pandemic which has rendered the student community of the state helpless putting in serious consequences is unjustifiable.

The six student bodies also urged the state government to settle the issue at the earliest and warned not to make the student community a scapegoat. The Manipur government should shed away the habit of resolving issues only after an upheaval, it asserted. 

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