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SC Jamir ‘bloodied Naga history and spit venom’, says TNWF

FILE: Former Nagaland chief minister SC Jamir

Tenyimi National Workers Forum (TNWF) also said that Jamir is in direct conflict with NSCN (I-M) which is ready to fight on “to the last man standing” in defence of the Naga flag and constitution that identify the Naga political issue to the world.

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Tenyimi National Workers Forum (TNWF) has slammed former Nagaland chief minister SC Jamir in a lengthy and strongly worded release on Tuesday, stating that it has been necessitated to look back into the mischievous indulgence of SC Jamir that brought terrible harm to the Naga national workers in particular and the Naga national movement in general.

The release through the Ministry of Information and Publicity of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim or NSCN (I-M) titled “The History of Mr SC Jamir’s Conspiracies” stated that in the tumultuous history of Naga issue, there are certain matters that remain a secret but there are certain organised conspiracies and plots that have to be brought out of the closet that are closely linked with SC Jamir because he is one who “bloodied Naga history and spit venom” to all who are against NPC’s (Naga People’s Convention) 16-Point Agreement.

TNWF accused SC Jamir of sparing no effort to make roughshod of everything but stick to his infidelity to kiss history in his desperate defence of 16 Point Agreement, standing by his oft-repeated effrontery that the 16 Point Agreement is the alpha and omega for Naga political solution. 

Naga people, particularly those in the field doing the “donkey’s job” fighting for political rights, bewail the like of SC Jamir who have done every conceivable things to finish off the Naga political issue using the most repugnant policy, it added. 

“Delinquent person as he proved himself to be, he fiddled with Naga political issue as his personal fiefdom and put the bona fide Naga freedom fighters on his firing line using the most abominable weapons of destruction.” 

Rejecting the 16 Point Agreement which made Nagaland the 16th state of India, TNWF contended that it became the source of political turmoil that followed. Today, SC Jamir is meddling in Naga issue using the NNPGs to find Naga solution on the basis of the 16 Points Agreement, it asserted. 

On the ongoing contentious issue of the Naga flag and Yehzabo (constitution), TNWF said that Jamir deplores the issues saying that it is not applicable to the present Nagaland state. This put him in direct conflict with the Naga group like NSCN (I-M) which is ready to fight on “to the last man standing” in defence of the Naga flag and constitution that identify the Naga political issue to the world.

TNWF further said that with his inherent anti-Naga political movement, Jamir made bewildering allegations against AZ Phizo. He went far enough to say that AZ Phizo never talked about Naga flag and constitution. This smack of his “sick mind” and nothing else as only “insane person” will question about Phizo not talking anything on flag and constitution, it added. 

The release signed by TNWF president reverend A Puni, vice president colonel Akho Angami and secretary DG Robert further stated that during the height of Naga political struggle under NSCN (I-M) after the Khaplang engineered crisis, SC Jamir was at his game to destroy Naga political struggle. 

TNWF also accused SC Jamir of openly collaborating with the government of India in order to destroy the NSCN (I-M) when he was the chief minister of Nagaland. He used NSCN (K) leaders like Dally Mungro and Kitovi Zhimomi and their boys like his private army to target NSCN and its public supporters, it contended.  

TNWF further contended that Jamir tried to evict the NSCN (I-M) from Nagaland soil by declaring that the “chaff and paddy” must be separated. Under this policy, he made a joint issue with NSCN (K) and served “quit notice” against the Tangkhuls in Nagaland. As 35 Tangkhuls that included chemist, scientist, teacher, pastor, students, farmers and innocent laymen were killed by NSCN (K) in Kohima and Dimapur mainly. “But the Tangkhuls stood their ground as they find no reason to quit Nagaland”, it added.

NSCN (K) was also provided 100 AK-47s as a part of his Peace Offensive Operation. These AK-47 pieces were meant for modernisation of Nagaland state police force. Any amount of monetary incentive was paid for killing any NSCN (I-M) members or any public members belonging to the Tangkhul community. He also made fervent appeal to the government of India to book NSCN (I-M) leaders under the Interpol Act, it added. 

When the ceasefire was declared in 1997, TNWF said that Jamir raised hue and cry, showing his strong displeasure for signing ceasefire with NSCN (I-M) without taking the state government into confidence. He also questioned why the talk should be without pre-condition. He bemoaned that talk with NSCN (I-M) should be conditioned under the constitution of India.

TNWF also asserted that “Jamir remains the begotten son of India as he has been faithfully doing the biddings of the GoI since Jawaharlal Nehru’s time”. Even after Naga people rejected him through election he was rewarded by the government by giving him the post of governor two times in different states.

TNWF said that it resolved to stand together and uphold the Naga National principle based on 1951 plebiscite till an honourable and acceptable settlement is achieved. The TNWF also resolved to respect the traditional land boundaries and protect the Tenyemi’s ancestral land from encroachers wherever it may be.

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