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Salai Imbroglio: Samarjit barred from entering his locality

File: A sit-in protest against non-payment to Salai investors

Parents and other family members may still reside in their ancestral home. Samarjit and Bishorjit can also enter the locality only after paying back the investors, said Ch Tarunkumar of the Loukrakpam Leikai Smart Member’s (Investor) Committee.

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Founder of Salai Holdings Private Limited, Narengbam Samarjit and his brother Narengbam Bishorjit has been barred from entering the Leikai (locality) of their home at Sagolband Tera Loukrakpam Leikai until the investments of the aggrieved investors of the state are paid back. 

Announcing the decision, Loukrakpam Leikai Smart Member’s (Investor) Committee secretary Ch Sunilkumar Singh on Tuesday warned of agitations by the people of the state if the government colluded with Salai Holdings. The committee staged a sit-in at the Neinasang Club Community Hall, Tera Loukrakpam Leikai. 

Speaking to media persons, Sunilkumar said that the locality supported the company in its initial stages hoping that it would work for the welfare of the state’s economy and also in other fields. But it is clear now that they (company) have been working only for welfare and accumulating wealth for themselves, he added. 

Sunilkumar also demanded transparency about the company’s accounts and urged the government to find a solution and help the aggrieved investors. Nobody knows the amount in the freezed accounts of Salai, he added. 

Accusing that some media personnel have been trying to show the investors in bad light, he appealed to the media for cooperation in finding out the truth. No change is possible without the media, he added. 

An executive member of the committee, Ch Tarunkumar maintained that the decision to bar Samarjit and Bishorjit from entering the locality was taken in view of the possible untoward incidents that might be inflicted by the enraged investors if their money is not paid back. He also warned that any untoward incidents should be borne by the duo. But their parents and other family members may still reside in their ancestral home, he added. 

Tarunkumar also contended that the return of Samarjit and arresting of other Salai officials was a carefully orchestrated “drama”. After it was announced that the investments would be returned on April 2, the company found themselves in a position unable to meet the commitment. And after they realised it the whole “drama” of surrendering to the Indian government was staged to fool the people, he contended.

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