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Rally pledges to make Kangpokpi drugs free

On April 23 the people of Kangpokpi in its public meeting took a firm resolution to make the town completely free from drugs and unanimously declared a ‘War on Drugs’
TFM Kangpokpi Representative
Following the public resolution to curb the alarming drug menace in Kangpokpi town, a massive rally against drugs was held on Thursday at the district headquarters pledging to make Kangpokpi a “drugs free” town.
The rally was organized by Kangpokpi Town Committee, Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization, and Kangpokpi Youth Union in collaboration with the One Stop Centre Kangpokpi and Childline 1098 Kangpokpi to create awareness of the growing menace of drug abuse, especially among the youngsters in the town, and also to give a clear message to all the denizens of the town that there will be no more tolerance upon any illegal drugs trafficking in the town.
It is worth recalling that on April 23 the people of Kangpokpi in its public meeting took a firm resolution to make the town completely free from drugs and unanimously declared a ‘War on Drugs’ while reaffirming to strictly prohibit the use, sale, and supply of drugs in Kangpokpi town.
The meeting also unanimously vested the Kangpokpi Town Committee, Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization, and Kangpokpi Youth Union with full authority to sternly deal with all illegal/contraband drug cases as deemed fit.
The anti-drug rally draws a massive turnout as the problems of illegal drugs pose a serious threat to the future of society and the situation has taken an alarming turn in the district headquarters, where a lot of youths, including minors have been taken into the custody of the Kangpokpi Youth Union over the past months for indulging and possession of drugs.
Raising anti-drug slogans, and carrying placards, the massive rally marched towards the Superintendent of Police Kangpokpi’s office from Nute Kailhang via the National Highway 2 passing through the main town telling the residents of the town to stay away from the use, sell, and supplies of drugs.
Speaking to the media, the President of KWWO, Hekim Hangshing said that the use, sale, and supply of drugs in the town is fast becoming prevalent, especially among the youths, and its curse has destroyed scores of families in the town.
She continued that the involvement and support of parents, guardians, and other caregivers are critical in preventing the youth from substance abuse while urging society and parents to keep a close watch on their wards.
Highlighting the vital role of parents, guardians, and other caregivers, the KWWO President said that conversations are one of the most effective tools adults can use to connect with the youths as parents who talk to their kids about the danger of substances early and often are 50 percent less likely to use drugs than those who do not receive these critical messages at home.
Challenging the mothers of the town, Hekim Hangshing further said that this is my message to all the mothers of the town “we can either lay down and die with our children or we can stand up and fight”.
” We can fight for our children, we can fight for their change. We can fight for justice and fight for those still struggling”, added the KWWO president.
Saying that illegal/contraband drug has made it exponentially worse, the President of Kangpokpi Youth Union, Haolet Khongsai urged the people of Kangpokpi to take care of their children and to let them not fall into the hands of this nuisance drugs menace.
He said that the special team of KYU had begun conducting sting operations based on inputs of drugs peddlers hanging around the town and none will spare if caught irrespective of their backgrounds as drug abuse has been identified to have diverse and devastating effects on the safety and progress of society.
He continued that drug abuse is not only shattering the lives of youth but also leading to disorder and chaos in the society which lays the foundation for various types of dangerous crimes and apart from its negative social effects, it had been associated with some other criminal behaviors such as gang formation, robbery, and other social disturbance.
He also said that people should come out to co-operate with the town civil bodies in the fight to root out the drug menace in the town so that society could be prevented and be given a safe and drug-free atmosphere.
Kangpokpi Town Committee Chairman, Angam Leivon said that the anti-drug rally emphasizes an important point as it is carrying a pretty powerful message to deterge Kangpokpi town completely from drugs and make it a “drug-free” town and we should be proud that we are leading the fight to cause lethal destruction to drugs menace.
He said that the rally was organized to spread awareness and combat the widespread drug use, sales, and supplies in the town and also to enlighten the youth about the devastating impact of drug abuse which has become a pressing issue in Kangpokpi town.
He further said that eradicating the alarming practice of drug abuse through a single rally or campaign may not be possible but as responsible leaders who care about the next generation, we have initiated the campaign to create a public outcry to address the pressing issue of drug abuse and also to prevent our youths from falling in the trap of drugs abuse and to channels their energy in a positive manner.
The rally culminated with a word of gratitude from the town committee chairman and a prayer from Secretary Kangpokpi Town Church Fellowship.
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