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PAPPM files writ petition in SC on current violence in Manipur

Supreme Court of India

Writ Petition is being filed in public interest under Article 32 of the Constitution of India in connection with the serious issues of Narco–Terrorism and external aggression of threat to National Security prevalent in the State of Manipur and the resultant fall out of present human crisis in Manipur

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People’s Alliance for Peace and Progress, Manipur (PAPPM) has filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court on Tuesday on the current ethnic violence in Manipur.

The petition filed by Mayanglambam Bobby Meetei, President of PAPPM. The petition will be represented by a team of experienced Advocate of Supreme Court. The synopsis of the petition as submitted to the Honorable Court has been as listed below:

That the present Writ Petition is being filed in Public interest under Article 32 of the Constitution of India in connection with the serious issues of Narco–Terrorism and external aggression of threat to National Security prevalent in the State of Manipur and the resultant fall out of present human crisis in Manipur wherein large number of people have been displaced from their homes causing disturbance to normal life in Manipur including the Petitioner. The present Petition is being filed in larger public interest of the nation by the petitioner in his personal capacity, said a press release issued by Sanjoy Meetei, General Secretary of PAPPM.

“At the outset, the petitioner humbly begs to submit that there is an imminent threat posed by the presence of Narco-Terrorism and external aggression of illegal migrants with Kuki Militants to the National Security of India particularly in the State of Manipur. It is further submitted that the influx of illegal migrants from Myanmar has been continuing unabated to the State of Manipur since long time. The acceptance of illegal migrants as soldiers for a Kukiland have led to the phenomenon of an expanding population who are accommodated by Kuki Chiefs, officials and Suspension of Operation (SoO for short) militant outfits in available lands such as the Reserve and Protected Forest, protected sites and wildlife sanctuaries giving rise to encroachment, deforestation and other illegal activities”, stated the release.

PAPPM claimed the present SoO pact has created a conducive environment to strengthen the militant outfits and they are responsible for bringing in the Kuki migrants providing them language and combat training in their camps and also using the illegal migrants as a labour force for poppy cultivation, arms-running and drug trafficking.

“The Kuki militants and drug mafias are taking advantage of the shifting drug activities (poppy plantation and drug manufacturing) from the Golden Triangle especially the Shan State in Myanmar to the Indo-Myanmar border especially towards the Chin and Kachin States of Myanmar neighbouring India as reported in the United Nation of Office of Drugs & Crimes (UNODC for short) report titled, “Major Opium Economy Expansion is Underway in Myanmar”, published on 26th January 2023. The Kuki militants controlling these areas and also the adjacent areas in Manipur and Mizoram further strengthened by SoO pact have found the opportunity to raise money from narco-related activities such as poppy cultivation, opium production and drug trafficking”, claimed PAPPM.

The opium and other synthetic drugs passing through Manipur finds a destination in several parts of India making vulnerable Indian youths drug dependents.The motive of the narco terrorist is to fulfill the dream of a long cherished homeland known by various names such as Zoram, Zalengam, Greater Mizoram and Kukiland for this otherwise people who are migratory in nature. It is further submitted that the possible links between the present crisis with the influx of illegal Kuki immigrants from Myanmar continuing since long time, cannot be ignored, stressed PAPPM.

The organisation claimed that to fulfill the dream of a homeland, backed by powerful Kuki militant outfits, Kuki intellectuals, activists and politicians started a project of aggrandizing propaganda and narratives to grab land from other communities such as the Liangmei, Koireng, Meitei, Tangkhul and other smaller hill communities.

“The involvement of Kuki Militants with sophisticated arms in the recent violence in Manipur clearly suggests the present violence in Manipur being orchestrated by the Kuki Militants”, said the organisation.

“Imploring an unbiased look into the genesis and process of the present crisis in Manipur, it may not be wrong to suggest that the present crisis is a fall-out acts of terrorism orchestrated by Kuki Militant groups funded by narco money, mediated by Kuki policy makers and high ranking officials using Kuki illegal migrants as soldiers in addition to the Kuki Militants who are under Suspension of Operation (SoO)”, said PAPPM.

The oragnisation further stated that from time to time, “the Kuki Militants and their supporters have been putting their best efforts to gain benefits in furtherance of their motive to achieve administrative segregation exclusively for Kukis. This time, in the aftermath of the present human crisis in Manipur on 03.05.2023, all the 10 (ten) MLAs representing Kuki Dominated Areas, instead of trying to pacify the situation, are making their best attempt to take advantage of the present situation of Manipur to achieve their Goal of establishing a separate administrative unit for Kuki Dominated Areas”. Therefore, it is humbly submitted that the present human crisis in Manipur cannot be looked into isolation as communal one rather, it is the result of chain of events which have been continuing unabated in Manipur since long time which has somewhere or the other, direct relation with emerging Narco-Terrorism in the Northeast region of India, added the release.

“The illegal Kuki immigrants and the Kuki militants have tried to portray the narrative of the violence sparked on 03.05.2023 as the after fall out of the demand of inclusion of Meiteis in ST category. But from the chain of events and the continuing violence, inspite of the directions of this Hon’ble Court to the Respondents for maintaining peace in the State of Manipur, it can be seen that the violence is depriving right to live peacefully to the Petitioner and all the people living in Manipur causing fear and insecurity to the people of Manipur”, said the organisation.

PAPPM stated that it is further submitted that the present crisis is a pure example of narco-terrorism in which gullible civilians have been pulled in through various machinations. And if narco terrorism in the Northeastern borderlands of India is not acknowledged by the Indian State and contained in time, it will have larger implications causing a serious threat to the National Security of the Country.

The respondents are Union of India, State of Manipur, Narcotics Control Bureau, National Investigation Agency, National Human Rights Commission, National Highways Authority of India and the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change, said the release issued by PAPPM.

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