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Only point for talks is sovereignty, nothing else, says NSCN(K) chief Yung Aung


GOI is utilizing these groups (Naga political groups) to barter the real Naga issue and the Naga political history is changing from bad to worse as these groups are in the process to commit another ‘Shillong Accord’, says Yung Aung

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Asserting its political authority and legitimacy as the Naga people’s mandate, chairman of the proscribed NSCN(K) Yung Aung has dubbed ‘Framework Agreement’ and ‘Agreed Position’ as sell-out ones.

In his message to mark the 43rd Republic Day at Council headquarters on March 21, 2023, he made the NSCN(K)’s stand clear that only one point to discuss with either India or Myanmar is ‘sovereignty’ and nothing else.

He said it’s ironic that the so-called Naga political groups, who have long given up their national pledge, without any remorse talks, about the revere Naga political issue from the comfy of their ventilated buildings. “The ugly truth is that GOI is utilizing these groups to barter the real Naga issue and the Naga political history is changing from bad to worse as these groups are in the process to commit another ‘Shillong Accord’ to reduce our hard-fought struggle to a mere solution under Indian Constitution. These groups are expecting an empty vessel from GOI and their beclouded visions ends in New Delhi,” he added.

Declaring the ‘Framework Agreement’ and ‘Agreed Position’ as null and void solution and has no legal binding whatsoever, he vowed that NSCN(K) will never allow another Naga political blunder to happen under the pretext of Indo-Naga Solution.

The chairman said it will continue to defend the Naga political and historical right at any cost. NSCN/GPRN will outrightly reject any hideous anti-Naga solution compromising the political stand of the whole Nagas spreading across the imposed boundaries. Despite all their tall claims and clamour, the current Naga peace process is infested with an unprecedented level of division and disharmony which only complicated the issue even further, he added.

On the day of the national celebration, he remembered and paid tribute to pioneers and founding fathers, and to all Naga freedom fighters for their selfless sweat, tears and blood in preserving our national birthright.

He also conveyed his special gratitude and salutation to Naga Army, who toils day and night in defending land and people from the oppressors. “We also remember and pray for the well-being and safe release of all our dear comrades who are in captivity and languishing in enemy prisons for the national cause, ” he said.

He also extended the best wishes and greetings to all ironclad revolutionary brothers of WESEA Region who stood with NSCN(K) through all weathers to attain their common dream.

Asserting that Nagas are free in every sense for thousands of years of Naga history, the chairman said every tribe, every village, every clan or family is free from any domination, persecution or tyranny until British Imperialism dominated both India and Myanmar.

“Right after the Colonialist left, these two countries came and illegally occupied our land. Our forefathers foresee that Nagas have no future under the Colonialists India and Myanmar hence they fought with all their might so that the future Naga generations may live free as in ancient times. In spite of the enemy’s might, our ancestors refused to let tyranny and oppression triumph over their freedom and liberty,” he said.

He urged every Nagas to remain committed to the same spirit “our Fathers have lived till we achieve our goal.” he also urged all Naga national workers, who are all called upon by the nation to remember that they carry the hope of the Naga nation on shoulders and they must carry the national burden proudly, respectfully and faithfully.

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