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NPF campaign for Khashim Vashum kicks off at Paorei


Election campaign of Khashim Vashum, NPF candidate from 45-Chingai Assembly Constituency for the 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election 2022 kickstarted at Paorei Mission Ground on Monday in the presence of central leaders of NPF and leaders of Manipur State Units which was attended by hundreds of supporters.

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

The first campaign for NPF candidate of 45-Chingai Assembly Constituency, Khashim Vashum for South-West Raphei area kicstarted on Monday at Paorei Mission Ground with blessing by Rev. Jonah M Solo, Pastor of Paorei Baptist Church.

Speaking at the programme, Election In-charge of Manipur and MLA of NLA, Y Vikheho Swu stated that “when NPF legislatures resign beacuse of Naga issue many people laugh at NPF, but that is NPF when it comes to the issue of Naga people. We took the name “Naga” to safeguard the interest and aspiration of the Naga people and we were able to launch in Manipur on 2018. We cannot come here today as Congress or BJP or other parties and talk to you about Naga interest and rights, but we came here today as NPF, to talk to you and create a history so that for coming generation will remembered us in the coming days. If you are not sure of yourself, please come forward and be a part of NPF and let us walk the path for the unity and growth of Nagas. Election means development to me, some might have different views and ideas. Some will vote for those who gives more money. But this is totally wrong. Election is not about earning money. Choose the right candidate for bringing development in your area. Let me tell you, NPF will form the next Government in coalition in Manipur State. So please come and vote for NPF candidate. Election system is such that seniority matters in election. If you keep changing your representatives every five years, the scenario of your Assembly Constituency will go from bad to worst. Minister is produce only on the basis of seniority. Don’t blame anybody, if you cannot send more NPF MLAs in the Assembly. Number of MLAs matters for bringing all round development in your area. It is you who will be deciding about your future. Please come forward and vote for Khashim Vashum for all round development.

Former Speaker of NLA and incumbent MLA, Chotisuh Sazo stated that “India is a country and a Union of States. Our cultures, our religion, tradition, food habits, dresses and history are unique and different from.other states of India. We need to preserved our uniqueness and the constitutional rights guaranteed to us. Formally known as Democratic Party of Nagaland (DPN) in 1963, the transition period from DPN to NPF has come a long way only to safeguard the interest of the Naga people and the tribals. Under the leadership of NPF, we have also constituted Nagaland Legislatures Forum on Naga political issue to expedite the Naga peace process. We met Prime Minister Modi on July 15, 2015 requesting him to immediately resolved the Naga political issues. NPF party is trying our best to fight for our people and to find a honourable solution for the Nagas. During the last general election of Nagaland, BJP has entered the fray with “election for solution”. I don’t know on what ground and promises will BJP enter in the next coming election of Nagaland. NPF stand for early solution of the protracted Indo-Naga peace process and immediate removal of AFSPA, under the guise of this Act, Indian Security Forces have committed many heinous crime against the Nagas and other communities of Northeast.

Chotisuh Sazo added “Tangkhuls have been in the forefront in the past and even today in the fields of politics and Naga national issues. We still believe, the Tangkhuls today are still solid like rock in protecting and safeguarding the interest and protecting the rights of the Naga people. I appeal once again to the Tangkhul to once again rise up to strengthen and further the cause of Naga Nation and support and vote for NPF candidate Khashim Vashum in the coming election.”

Ex-MLA Samuel Risom stated that “Nagas are generous and peace loving people. However, that does not mean Nagas will sit quietly when other communities or political parties try to undermine the rights and aspirations of the Naga people.” He appealed the gathering to pray and support NPF candidate Khashim Vashum for the forth coming election.

Khashim Vashum appeal to the gathering to forgive him for not performing to their expectations. He categorically stated that “I could not fulfilled the wishes of many individuals. Moreover, I have not done anything that will go against the interest and aspirations of the community or something that will harm the future of the people. We, the NPF legislatures have stood up for the rights of the people be it ADC Bill 2021 or any issues that affects our people. We have stood up in unison against all odds. There are many areas where I have not been able to fulfilled or execute my wishes and dreams in actions. But with your support, I believe I can definitely achieve the many goals. I once again look forward to your love and support and humbly appeal everyone to give your valuable vote in the coming election so that I can comeback as your representatives and finish the unfinished work.”

Khashim Vashum remarked that “I will not hide anything about the delimitation. There are rumours doing the round, but anyone can come and see the documents which I have prepared and submitted to the Delimitation Commission. I will not betray my people and this is my promise to you all.

NPF Unit of Phungcham gave a warm reception to NPF candidate Khashim Vashum and visiting MLAs from Nagaland along with ranks and files of NPF at the Phungcham Gate. The campaign was also attended by former ADC Members of Ukhrul from 45-Chingai Assembly Constituency.

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